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PC Account in AD

By mistake I added a pc to the domain using a name that already existed on the domain.  At the time the new pc was joined, the original pc was shut down.  When the user tried to log on to the original, a message was displayed to say that the DC was unavailable. How would I get the original pc to be able to log on to the domain.  If this is possible, would it effect the user account that is normally logged on to the original pc.  I renamed the original pc in the hope that this would rectify the issue, but the problem still remains. Any help would be appreciated.

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To be honest im suprised it allowed you to join the domain with an already existing computer account.

If I was you i was turn both pcs off.

Turn one back on, remove it from the dmomain and rename it.

Then put it back on the domain.

Follow the above process for the second pc giving it a DIFFERENT name.

This will 100% not effect your users.
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Thanks for your reply.
I am unable to log on to the domain from this pc, even with the domain admin account.  Is there another way to remove it?
Yes, log in as the local admin, you can remove it from the domain this way and rename it.
for old pc login as local admin account and change its name and join it to domain with new name

Depsite you renaming the PC's there are still unused DNS and WINS records in the domain and Active Directory referring to these PC's old and new names which will cause conflicts.

1.  Establish what your naming them
2.  Delete the old DNS record and WINS (that is if you're using WINS)
3.  Once you have done this, logon to both PC's as an administrator and run the command from DOS:

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

This should sort it out.
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Well done abolinhas.