Dual boot Windows XP keyboard not working

We have a user thats laptop dual boots into either Windows 7 or Windows XP. When booting into XP the keyboard doesn't work at all bu the mouse does. All is well within the Win 7 partition.

The XP partition boots into a login screen and I'm unable to remote on to the box also so we're proper stuck!

Any ideas?

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afl_itConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm afraid we can't even log into the OS, think it might be slowly dying as turning the remote service on also fails. A rebuild is on the cards.

Thanks for your help anyway.
if the keyboard is a usb one unplug it from the existing slot and plug it in to a different one...that does it 90% of the time
by the way it is not a virtual machine...right?
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afl_itAuthor Commented:
No it's not virtual and I've tried different usb ports and even putting the laptop on a docking station and using a ps/2 keyboard. Still no joy though.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
I would first try list of startup options, When booting into XP, just after selecting the XP OS from list of OS in Boot Menu, press F8 to bring it up.

Select Last known Good Configuration. See it it helps.

If no luck, Then I guess a System Restore from Windows XP Repair Console would be the only way as the keyboard drivers seem to be corrupt. You will need your Windows XP installation CD for that.

http://www.icompute.info/System_restore_from_xp_cd.htm Follow the steps after  section --
I. Boot to Recovery Console as described above.


Start Windows 7, and extract this two files from XP cd and put in the directory system32\drivers of your Windows XP partition

Files are
afl_itAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for your help but I'm afraid we're still having the same problems. Looks like a rebuild is needed!
unfortunately sounds like it. Have you been to the device manager and check the universal port controller list and see what is in there?
afl_itAuthor Commented:
No fix other than to rebuild it seems
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