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Excel Macro to Pull Website Data

What can be the simplest and smallest Excel Macro code to find a website, and read some data from there? The website will be having fixed fields. (I understand the question is not so small though).
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Please provide the URL for the wesite from which you want to obtain the data.

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I agree with patrick - what is the URL.

If the website is nice and you want for example a table excel might be nice to you.  But if you need specific information then you might have to identify, find and get each value individually from the html text that is the webpage.

And which version of Excel?

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Version of Excel is 2007.
For example,

the words "for example" are a little scary.

That webpage is a pretty standard html website so it should not be too hard.  But and this is a big BUT, you need to know and need to program exactly what you want from the page.  2nd if they change the webpage your code most likely will need to be updated.

So what exactly do you want from this page.

>For example,

That's about as vague as it gets. If you want us to help, you will need to specify the exact URL and the data that you are wanting to extract from that website.

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Fine, can you share a small snippet of macro code if I wanted to search for a question in Google. How could I write a small macro on the following?
Find 'Power Point 2007 tips' in Google.
In fact thanks really for holding for long. Incidentally I went busy night and day, so could not respond earlier, apologies for late response. Thanks again.

Many thanks for the grade! (BTW, did that process pull the data sucessfully for you?)

I'm not sure what you mean by your "Google" post. Could you expand a bit, please?



The attached file has a Google query (""Power Point 2007 tips" | "PowerPoint 2007 tips"). Whenever the file is opened the query is refreshed (it could easily be changed to also refresh, say, every 5 minutes). The query can be manually refreshed by clicking on the "Refresh All" button on the data tab.

It's not needed, but I have also included the macro for creating the query.

OK, all good news so far, but now it's time for the bad. Looking at what google actually passes to Excel, I think it's unlikely that you will find the results useful. You could reformat the page to get rid of the unwanted information and make the rest more readable, but in a lot of cases the url is simply not provided and I'm assuming that would be a key requirement.

If Google is your main interest then it might be worth raising a new question about the Google API. I'm afraid that I can't help with that as I've no experience of using it.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for all this. I think this will give me a good direction to work on. Sincerely I just needed these sort of pointers to work on. Well, some more questions are on the way. Bye.