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Why does my pivot table column filter show values which aren't in the source data ?

I created a pivot table from source data containing names of towns. The column filter showed the list of towns available in the data. I then changed the source data and replaced the towns with new towns.
However, the pivot table filter shows not only the new town names but also the old ones (even though they aren't in the source data).
I've tried a Refresh but the names are still in the filter list.
How do I remove these inappropriate towns from the filter list ?
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drag the pivot table field that shows old items out of the pivot table.

Refresh the pivot table.

drag the field back into the pivot table.

Now the old items should be gone.

cheers, teylyn
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Interesting. I tried your method but it didn't work. The towns still appear. I tried rebuilding the pivot table. Still didn't work.

So I copied the data sheet to a new workbook and rebuilt. Works absolutely fine !

I can't understand this as it would be a bit of an inconvenience having to rebuild a workbook each time.

Any further ideas ?
Thanks Rorya,
A useful reference.
The problem maybe a links one within the current workbook which has seen many modifications. When I create a separate workbook then I don't have the problem.
Thanks for your help.
That's because the old data was never there. If you turn off the option in the pivot table, you won't have the issue again.
Try PivotPower -

You need Pivot Power freeware:

Pivot Power - I've used for a few years - works great!  You can change all columns from sum to average, and several other operations as well!

Under Pivot Items you have an option to clear old items and the code runs to do just that.  I used to have my own macros to do this stuff, but this addin is always there for me, now.

Enjoy - I do!

Here's one more tip:  Note Excel 2007  Change Retain Items Setting section:

Also there are macros you can use to maintain your pivot table as well.

Again, I start with pivot power and 80% of my needs are met, but you can use these macros to help you as well.

Don't think you need to recreate the pivottable unless its gotten corrupt.

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Thanks for the tip Dave.

Thanks for your solution Rorya.
@Rorya - on reflection, yes - I was providing Pivot power then thought of the other one and didn't check to see if it had been provided.

I use Pivot Power and its better as an add-in I believe, than separate user-cared-for macro...