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Excel VBA

how do i change this vba code below to copy the data to a sheet named results rather than opening a workbook and copying the results to the sheet in the workbook.

Sub CopyData()
Dim ReportWB As Workbook
Dim DestinationWS As Worksheet
Dim LastRow As Range
Application.Workbooks.Open Filename:="M:\K REPORTS REDOING\K_Report_Test.xlsm"
Set ReportWB = Application.Workbooks(Application.Workbooks.Count)
Set DestinationWS = ReportWB.Worksheets("Data")
For Each coy In Array("1", "2", "A", "C")
    With Sheet6
        Set LastRow = DestinationWS.Range("A1048576").End(xlUp).Offset(1)
        .Range("F1").Value = coy
        .Range("A4:Q1000").AdvancedFilter xlFilterCopy, .Range("Q1:Q2"), Sheet9.Range("A1")
        Intersect(Sheet9.UsedRange, Sheet9.Range("2:1048576")).Copy LastRow
    End With
Next coy
Set LastRow = Nothing
Set DestinationWS = Nothing
Set ReportWB = Nothing
End Sub
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beautiful, thankyou