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Windows 7 won't start; problem signature 07 BadDriver

Hello all--I've been working on this problem since 03:00 ET 2/15/11.  I will give as much detail as
possible and any help is greatly appreciated.  Basic info:

Dell XPS M1330
Windows 7 Ultimate
Service Tag 88QWNH1

Yesterday, I tried to install a bluetooth driver that I had stored on my laptop, thinking it was the right
one.  Well, windows will no longer start.  See the first two pics, please.

When booting I've tried F8 and none of the options work.  I continue to get those two screens.
When I foot with f12 and boot off the windows 7 (not oem--original 7 ultimate DVD), it is unable to fix
itself.  Also, despite me thinking otherwise, I don't have any restore points (!)....
The only thing I have not done is System Image Recovery.  Quick question on that:
  If I do this, will it leave my more recent data, or only give me the data that was on the system
at the time of that back up?  Am hoping maybe it will leave the data folders alone?
I've tried to do an install/upgrade, but get photo 4 below "Compatability Report"
I also included the and the other info.

I tried to follow the steps from item 3 at this link: and changed
the start setting on the pci in regedit.  No relief, though.  Was hesitant to continue any mods without
further assistance.

I also browsed some info here:
but couldn't find anything that seemed to help me.

I've tried to be thorough, but let me know if I've left out any helpful data.  This is my work laptop and I am a small business
owner, and really need to get this running as quickly as possible.  Again, thanks in advance.
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   Sounds like you got a real mess. With everything you've tried, I think a reload is about the only thing I can think of that will solve your problem.
   As for Image Recovery, I'm afraid that will not backup the data that you have added since the image was created.
   My advice,  remove the drive from the system, and put it in another computer as a secondary and backup your data, then do the Image Recovery.
   You don't have to put this in a laptop, in fact, it's easier to put it in a desktop. Sata drives are interchangeable, you just need a desktop that has sata ports, an extra sata data cable, and a power plug....
  If I can help you out with any of this, just let me know.
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Thanks riteheer.  Happened to have bought a usb to sata ide adapter a few weeks ago for a problem we had with my business partners xps.  So hooking it up to another computer isn't a problem.  Only question is if I do a backup including system image, then reload windows on my xps, then restore from the image, is it not going to reload whatever caused the problem?  Or does it not image/restore drivers?  Thanks again for your help.  Short of being able to identify which driver to disallow in the registry, I'm about ready to fish and quit cutting bait.  Just need to be up and running....
Run startup repair again and then upload the log file

Logfile is located in


think this is it....
Sounds like bootmanager is corrupted. Boot to command prompt prompt


Bootrec.exe //RebuildBcd


Restart the computer.

Weird.  Showed zero installations....
Ok make sure you have disconnected all external drives like pen drive. Then boot to command prompt and run chkdsk /f .

Then restart the computer boot to command prompt again and then run

Bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd

Thanks Ded9.  Just to make sure I've communicated properly:  the only command prompt I can get to is via the win 7 dvd.  I can't do a safe mode boot with command prompt or anything...
Yes thats right. You have to boot form win7 dvd to get to command prompt. Also can you post the name of the bluetooth driver that you were installing . The exact filename etc..

Also can try running

bootrec.exe /ScanOs

and then

Bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd

Total identified Windows installations:  0  on both counts...

Also, I did hook up the hard drive to another laptop.and it's showing a lot more free space than it should, so I'm fearing that all my data isn't on it, but now sure why it wouldn't be....
also at the command prompt (which is x: btw) if I type dir c: I get that it's system reserved with 30GB free.  the same command on d: it shows 286 GB free.
That right C will show as D if you boot from win7dvd.

  To answer the question you asked about the image.  Unless you have created, or it's automated to create, a new image since your problem started, there should be no fear of reloading the same problematic driver.
   But also, based on the exchange between yourself and ded9, I would suggest a diagnostic run on the hard drive just to make sure that all your other work isn't for naught.... first backup your data, then download the diagnostics from the hdd manufacturer's website.  If you have any trouble finding this, let me know the brand of hdd and I'll get you a link.
Try running those commands while in D:\>

Hey ded9 and riteheer--well, sorry for the delayed response.  But after about 24 hours and doubtful success, I had to make the decision to cut my losses and start a restore.  I had a full system image from 12/29 and had backed up a lot of my files here a week or so ago.  I was able to pull outlook file off of the hard drive prior to the reinstall, so overall, data loss was more minimal than I expected.  But those two days lost are killing me still!  I obviously now have restore points, a recent full image, etc, and will make sure the other members of our company have the same.  Costly situation, but such is life.  Can't thank you both enough for your efforts to assist me.  RH--you know I had that hard drive in and  out of my laptop 5 times on Tuesday and didn't pay attention to the brand.  But as soon as I get a chance to go into the bios or pull the drive out again, I'll let you know.  I'd think diagnostics would be a reasonable next step...  Thank you both again!
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First time to grade a question, so hope I did it correctly.  While my question wasn't answered, I'm not sure there was an answer that would have resolved my problem.  Great effort by both guys...