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Single Antispam Solution for Multiple Domains

I need an antispam solution which can work for multiple domains , with separate access for each domain for configuration.

user Sam can configure antispam solution for Domain but not for
user jack can configure antispam solution for Domain but not for
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Thanx I already checked it out :) , but i need something more cheaper

I also found spamtitan , but will prefer some open source solution as these are very expensive. can anyone help ?
Have you looked into ASSP or Spam Assassin? Both are open source and free to use, have great active communities to ask questions to, can run on windows/linux/unix and they both support multiple domain configurations.
namol i am already using ASSP and also have used spamassasin , you can configure multiple domain but there is no separate web console for different there is any plugin or program which can enable feature in it ?
Do you want the administrator to be able to alter the configs for domain overall or is it a per user wanting to change the spam levels for their account type of thing?

below is the scenario i need
Scenario :

Antispam solution is supporting multiple domains , like ,,

Separate Administrator account for each domain is needed
Admin will be handling but not and
Admin 1 will be handling but not and
If Roaring Penguin's Can-It Pro is too expensive, then why not simply implement the software underlying that yourself? MIMEdefang (also from Roaring Penguin) is the FOSS foundation of Can-It Pro. Add a virus scanner (like ClamAV) and a filter like SpamAssassin and you're set for basically the cost of the hardware.

What you'll lack is a cutesy point-and-click GUI interface. How important is that to you, and do you have the capacity to write one?
Nope . I believe there is no Open Source Software for Domain Based Antispam, I will try scripting with ASSP itself for GUI.
*shrug* Whatever. I do it with sendmail, MIMEdefang, ClamAV and SpamAssassin.