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Problem with Zend Optimiser

I may be missing something obvious but i recently migrated a site to my new server and it requested that I install Zend optimiser which I did.

I also am running host headers on my web server and for my particular site i have temporarilly put up the PHP config file it seems to have Zend installed and working yet when you navigate to it tells me that I require zend optimiser.

Can anybody assist please
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I don't see that Zend Optimizer is installed based on the output of the PHP Info page you linked above.  Are you certain it's installed?

Perhaps basic install info is helpful?

Did you restart your webserver?
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Scrolling down slightly it says the following

This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine:
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Zend Technologies
Yeah, Zend Engine isn't Zend Optimizer though:

Zend Engine is used in all PHP deployments these days, but Zend Optimizer needs to be installed separately.
Ah that makes sense. However I also have ran through the optimiser download and install 4 times to no avail. I have checked that there is no extra php.ini files I also have seen a line of code refering to the ZEND optimiser in the php.ini file.

PHP is running fine in itself and is a supported version.

However the optimiser does not show up in the PHP  info, im running 2008 server SP2 with IIS7

Its clear optimiser is not installed properly. I even ran it with elevated permisions just in case. still no change. im wondering why the php.ini file refers to it and in all the correct install locations just does not show in the phpinfo
You may want to double check that PHP is trying to load that php.ini and not some other one on the system:

And just to confirm, you've restarted the webserver after installing Optimizer right?
Im going to attempt this again in the morning. I completely removed PHP and ZEND optimiser and downloaded the Zend Server Community edition and exactly the same thing happened.

However this has now broken my sites so ill have to check if there is any further configuration I need to do.

Not the quickest installation this has taken 2 days to figure out.

And ive restarted the entire machine not just the web server. If i check out the info.php on my default internal site it tells me that i do have zend optimiser engine then when i load my template it tells me its not installed. ill work on it with fresh eyes in the morning

Ok well I decided I would take a completely brand new system and install the ZEND comunity server with Apache and lo and behold exactly the same when trying to run my flashmoto template. However checking info.php showed all the necessary was installed so I checked my template and it appears it required PHP 5.2.14 and optimiser.

So i went back to the drawing board and installed IIS7 and PHP 5.2.14 and then optimiser which claimed it installed perfectly but info.php shows its not installed.

I simply chose all the defaults. location of my PHP file which was c:\php, I scanned for extra rogue php files and there is none on the system in any other location I also chose the location of my system root which was changed to c:\inetpub\wwwroot

Installation completes but nothing shows on info.php that optimiser is installed.

Im starting to think im going mad.
Have you tried the 5.2 build of Zend Server CE?
Ok so i completely built a new VM with 2008 SP2 No IIS and the 5.2 Build of Zend Server CE.

Installed my flash moto template and it tells me Zend Optimiser is not installed 

take a look at /info.php and its running

This ones completely got me
Well im getting somewhere. If i navigate to there is my lovely site. So something in the wwwroot directory is giving me greif
Googling around some and it seems that it's a possibility that the Flashmoto Templates were encoded with an older version of Zend Guard that the newer version of Zend Optimizer can't decode properly.  Here's a thread with very similar situation:

Perhaps a compatible build of the ionCube Loader would work, or try a version of PHP taht is compatible with Zend Optimizer 3.x?
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yeah I renamed index.php to index.old and renamed moto.html to index.html and when you hit the site perfect. however when it comes to the /admin part which is how to configure your site it still gets the same.

But for this particular issue i think its the Flashmoto guys issue so thank you for your time.

Thankyou for your help