Citrix Presentation Server 4 - Concurrent Application Limits - False Positives


In our infrastructure, we have 2 Citrix presentation server 4.0 farms (4 Win 2003 servers each). We publish 2 different desktops, one to each farm (QA, Production). I have applied an application policy to the published Production desktop farm of servers, that will only allow one user account to open one instance of the desktop at anyone time. This policy is configured through the following:

>>CMC>>Policies>>User Workspace>>Connections>>Limit Total Concurrent Sessions>>Limit=1

This policy is applied to only the servers in the Production Desktop farm, and disabled across the QA Desktop servers.

I get numerous complaints that users cannot log on to the Production environment receiving the concurrent limits error message, even when they don't have a session on that farm:

“The Citrix server has reached its concurrent application limit for this application.”

They might have been logged on to the Production desktop earlier in the day, but logged off hours earlier. The users that have had this problem sometimes have a session already running to the QA Desktop farm...

I tried to check what service pack the Citrix farm is running, but cannot see any visible information through the CMC GUI.

Are the false positive error messages related to a bug, or is there some residual connection information kept after users log off the farm...???
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Citrix updates are in Add/Remove Program in Control Panel.

If these are two seprate farms then there is no way the farms can know what sessions users have on another farm.  You can set in the Farm properties AND in the ICA connector AND in Terminal Services Configuration to limit the total user connections to one.  You can probably also set the limit via a Group Policy.
cpadmAuthor Commented:
Why use a policy, just right click on the farm and set it there...
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Carl WebsterCommented:
You set it in a policy when you need to apply a different limit to users/groups/servers/etc.
cpadmAuthor Commented:
I think I've used the Citrix terminology of "farm" wrong. All 8 servers are in the one farm, 4 are advertising the Production Desktop, and 4 are advertising the QA Desktop.

I originally applied the appication limits by right clicking on the Production Desktop application - This did not work.

I then tried applying it through a policy, which DOES work. My problem is that I have users getting sporadic false positives - Users that DO NOT have sessions opened on the Production Desktop are not being allowed to log on to the Production Desktop as Citrix thinks they already have a session open. Not all users have this problem, and from the instances of the issue occurring that I've encountered, the users have a Citrix session to the QA desktop open at the same time. The application limits policy is only applied to the Production Desktop Citrix servers. I have successfully opened one Production and QA Desktop session each on my own PC on a number of occasions, and when I attempt to open a second Production Desktop, the policy applies correctly.

I checked add/remove programs - There's no sign of Citrix SP's there. I found the current SP version by right-clicking on an individual Citrix server - There's a "Hotfix" value. All servers are running SP5, which is the latest SP available (as far as I can see form Citrix's website).
cpadmAuthor Commented:
The issue seems to be a bug causing false poitives within Citrix Metaframe 4.0 connection limiting policies. The best way to avoid this may be through implementing connection limiting policies through AD Group Policy.
Carl WebsterCommented:
That bug also exists in XenApp 5 (2003 & 2008) and XenApp 6.
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