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setting up a pcanywhere host through a wireless router

I currently use pcanywhere at my remote locations. I get to use a hookup provided by the building. I have 2 computers that have a static ip address of and

I have a tunnel between my office and the building. Now the building as undergone renovations and I am left with 1 cat5 outlet for 2 computers. I would like to add a router that includes wireless. My problem is I do not know how to setup the router to allow me to continue to use pcanywhere. I am using a netgear router wpn824.

I know I need to open ports on the router. 5631 TCP and 5632 UDP, but I not sure of the other settings on the router that will allow me access. I have set up many VPNs with static ips, but never going through a router.

Any help appreciated.

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Noduzz, Thought about that and yes that would be the easiest. Not my router, therefore I would need to add a switch and then an access point. Since I had the router on hand I thought it could be configured to do what I needed.
So are you getting rid of the existing router then?
Well if you have to setup that way, you are talking about doing NAT between two routers, check this site for more info:
The short of that page is that you have to forward ports from the external router to the IP of the internal router, and then forward ports on the internal router to the computer in question.
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Do I set up the inside router with static or dynamic ip addresses? That was one of the issues I had a problem with.

Thanks for your help.
Well i would recommend statically assigning the IP so it doesnt change if say the power goes out etc.