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CSS validation error VS 2010

I must have changed a setting in my project, but don't know what it is.  Everything was fine, except now I get two errors -

Validation (CSS 2.1): 'overflow-x' is not a known CSS property name.      


'Text' is not a member of 'Label'.

I would rather not turn errors off.  Is there a way to update the CSS validation?  These are good properties.

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overflow-x; overflow-y are properties of CSS3 version
Just answered another question recently about VS and CSS validation... and we came to the conclusion to disable CSS validation for 2 reasons:

1) CSS 3 is becoming more popular and widely used
2) Who would trust a CSS validator built by Microsoft ;)
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So, how would I use CSS3 to validate in VS2010, or how do I disable CSS validation?
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Thats what i'll do.

If I may extend the question...  I am now getting a compilation error on this line

- Line 362:        lableSchno.Text = "&nbsp&nbsp" + "Schedule # " + strSchno.ToString

Compiler Error Message : BC30456: Text is not a member of 'Label'

Is this related
That shouldn't be related.  You need to make sure that you are actually targeting a .NET Label control.  Here is basically what you should have

(Note: I changed a couple things that didn't really look right)

<asp:Label ID="lableSchno" runat="server" />

lableSchno.Text = "&nbsp;&nbsp;Schedule # " + strSchno.ToString();

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Hmm... I'm adding it on the fly.      

 Dim lableSchno As New Label

        lableSchno.Text = "&nbsp;&nbsp;Schedule # " + strSchno.ToString
Hmm, that looks good to me.  Can you try removing those 2 lines and seeing if your code still works.  Maybe you could show me the surrounding code... maybe copy the entire function and paste it here.

i'm not the best at VB, but I'll take a look at it.
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Wooohhh.....  I commented out the line, and the app now tries to load a file called label.aspx.  (it is one of mine).  There is no place in the code that I currently reference that file (I commented it all out).

This particular project is a copy of another project that works perfectly fine.  I mean, I litterally copied every thing from the good one and just dropped it in a new ISS virtual directory.  Very strange.

I'm going to nuke it and start over.

I'll post back once I've done that.
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Hokay.  Working fine now.  I suspect that something got corrupt in IIS.

Thanks again DesignBy
no worries.  Usually, when you have code that you know is valid, but the compiler throws you an error, then the problem is really elsewhere.  Glad you got it working.