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Active Directory Question

I am hoping somebody has real experience with this situation can give me a hand, thank you.
I have a AD (windows 2003 R2) that has two DCs (both are GC). Last time they two talked to each other (successfully) was over 6 months ago. Since then, DC1 (that has all the FSMO roles, the first DC of the AD) has been shut down and shipped to an oversea site. Some AD changes have been made (creating new users, groups, etc) on DC2 in the past six months while DC1 was offline. Now DC2 has been shut down and shipped to the same oversea site as DC1.

Here comes the question, once both DCs are onsite, how do I get the two DCs replicate to each other so the changes on DC2 won't get lost? Assuming I cannot seize the FSMO roles and rebuild DC1 (this is because of some other reasons).
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In theory the newest changes prevails, I rejoin some DC’s in the domain and never have a problem with any object.
The DC in the restart checks if are new changes and apply in itself.
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You have a few options outlined in this question I helped with

I'd personally go with the dcpromo /forceremoval then add the machine back to the domain and promote.   If you are doing this on the box that held the FSMO roles then you would seize those roles.

Make sure in the future to regularly check the health of your don't want the DCs to not replicate beyond the Tombstone Lifetime.


after about 30 days of not talking to each other DC, the trust relationship of the two DCs is messed up.

If I were you, I would first make sure that both servers are running on the same clock, which is essential to all types of domain operations.

In order to recreate the trust relationship between these two DCs, you will step through some procedures with the help of dcdiag (see for details).


after about 30 days of not talking to each other DC, the trust relationship of the two DCs is messed up.

That is not correct; trust relationships are not messed up after 30 days.  They key is what the tombstone lifetime is set to (usually 60 or 180 days).


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Hi Mike,
    You are the one get the point here. This is an inherited situation for me, the design flaw is really the cause of this.
    Anyway, I thought about the forceremoval plan, but this requires DC1 to be rebuilt, right? which is a situation I am trying to avoid (because DC1 is not really our server, it belongs to another company). Any other way?
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Mike Kline
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Well, my bad here. When I said "DC1 need rebuilt", I really mean the AD on DC1 need to be re-built.
OK. My concerns about your suggestion is, there's a chance that AD changes has been made on DC1 as well while the two DCs are seperated. Plus, as I said, DC1 belongs to another company, any change on that server will need co-ordination, which we are trying to avoid (unless we definitely have to).
Any idea? thank you.
When you look at the logs check for event 2042; registry key you can try there

That other company is going to have to clean it up too; this issue affects both DCs.
This sounds promising. I will give it a try.
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