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How do I convert data in a specific format to XML using Java?

I have some data in a file in a specific format. A sample of the same is given below. I need to convert this data to XML

{ "tag1": "46709" ,"tag2" : "Tom" ,"tag3" : "John" ,"tag4" : "501.1" ,"tag5" : "USD 941.70" ,"tag6": "0" ,"tag7":"3:59PM MST" ,"tag8" : "Feb 15, 3:59PM MST" ,"tag9" : "-31.75" ,"tag10" : "3.49" ,"tag11" : "abc" } ,{ "tag1": "20437" ,"tag2" : "dave" ,"tag3" : "matt" ,"tag4" : "5,481.00" ,"tag5" : "USD 5,481.00" ,"tag6": "0" ,"tag7":"4:27PM MST" ,"tag8" : "Feb 15, 4:27PM MST" ,"tag9" : "+171.00" ,"tag10" : "3.22" ,"tag11" : "chg" }

In the above data, I've copied two rows. The two rows are separated by curly brackets and a comma (} ,{). Also, the tag and the value are separated by a colon (:). I could simply insert this data in a database but in my situation there's a possibility that an additional tag could get added in this data. Hence my thought of using XML as a tag.

I'll be using Java for my application. Any help with the same would be appreciated.

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So you just want to replace anything in the form of "x":"y" to <x>y</x>?
Then maybe {tagsandvalues} to <record>tagsandvalues</record>?
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Thanks netswap.
One more question, how do I add the dependency. I did a lot of Google search but could not find that.
Hi orazen12,

      The method depend on which tool you are using for development.

      1. Using eclipse
       2. Websphere

        More info :

        Hope this will help.

Thanks for the links and sorry for the delay in reply as I had been travelling. I'll check the links and get back to you.

I'm having trouble using Maven. I've installed it on my computer and have downloaded a sample project. I'm trying to use Maven with Eclipse but am not able to. I googled and found another way to do it. The url has the class files for the conversion. I downloaded that and wrote a small program to convert it.

Though I've found the solution, I'd still like to know if I have to use Maven if I take the approach suggested by you or can it be done without Maven too?

Hi orazen12,

       I haven't try without maven. So not sure about it.

       this might help you : with maven problem.