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Need to execute row by row process

Hi there,
I need to write a cursor that allows me to execute a stored procedure for each row found on my first query.
I want to do something like this:
My first query returns a set of values based on X criteria
WHERE DATA_STATUS = 'Generated Work Order to E.S.'
      CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), DATEADD(day, -180, GETDATE()), 101)

a set of X NUMBER_KEY are returned and i need to execute the following stored procedure:
usp_DAL_UpdateViolationStatus passing the NUMBER_KEY value, 'some text', and todays date in short format. whats the best practice to do this?
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Store the first query result in a temp table. Temp table should have IDENTITY column.
Loop through temp table and call the stored procedure per each row.
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angelIII i get this error:
Msg 2715, Level 16, State 3, Line 2
Column or parameter #-2: Cannot find data type date.
Parameter '@short_date' has an invalid data type.
sorry.... datetime instead of date
yeah i figure that one and another mistake but thats was my fault NUMBER_KEY is not a number so i changed to CHAR(10)
well, not mistake as such, as I could not guess the data type from NUMBER_KEY to be not numerical :)
so, does it work for you?
yes it did thanks once again angelII.

"not mistake as such, as I could not guess" => but thats was my fault (it is ok it was my fault i did not point out the data type but like i said i changed and it worked fine)

you rock!!!