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Function to sum a range and set BG color based on result

I cannot get this to work
I have searched for a solution but I have not found one.
Close but not there yet. The statement  rCell.Interior.Color = iCol1 fails. Please help.
The content of the cell: "= SumAndHighlight(D26,D19:D25)"
Also, how can I indicate the cell that contains the formula without explicitly passing it in? i.e. Not have to pass in the first parameter "D26" but have the color in D26 change?
Public Function SumAndHighlight(rCell As Range, rSumRange As Range)
  Dim vResult As Integer
  Dim iCol1 As Long
  Dim iCol2 As Long
  Dim iCol3 As Long
  iCol1 = Range("a70").Interior.Color 'Red
  iCol2 = Range("a71").Interior.Color 'Green
  iCol3 = Range("a72").Interior.Color 'Yellow
  vResult = WorksheetFunction.Sum(rSumRange)
  If vResult > 1 Then
    rCell.Interior.Color = iCol1   '<------- This statement fails
  ElseIf vResult < 1 Then
    rCell.Interior.Color = iCol2   '<------- This statement fails
    rCell.Interior.Color = iCol3   '<------- This statement fails
  End If
  SumAndHighlight = vResult
End Function
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Can you tell me the error if you have one?

Can you also show me the calling routine, or attach an example.

  If vResult > 1 Then
    rCell.Interior.Color = iCol1   '<------- I can get this wor work
  ElseIf vResult < 1 Then
    rCell.Interior.Color = iCol2   '<------- I can also get this to work
    rCell.Interior.Color = iCol3   '<------- This condition will currently not be met because either one of the above will trap first!
  End If
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Ah, that could be why mine works, I converted it to a sub!

Author, what is the reason for you having a function?
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Thanks for your responses.
I'll take them in order.

Runrigger: The error is "A value use in the formula is of the wrong data type." Also, the third condition is met if the value is equal to 1.

StephenJR: I have seen some examples (I believe) where the color can be changed just by selecting the cell in a function call. Or colors of other cells can be set when a cell has the focus. However, you may be right but how to know for sure. Is there any documentation that you can point me to? I would love to know for sure.

Runrigger:  I can try to convert it to a Sub but I wanted the Function call as it is placed in the cell where I want that action. I may have other cells that I do not want this color change. I guess I can pursue this a little further but I really wanted to use the function call.  
You would never believe that I was a mathematician, LOL!

Busy day at work.
See here:

Runrigger's approach is one way to go.
I believe you can do this with conditional formatting.  I don't think a function (or subroutine) is necessary.

Since you initially were developing a UDF, I assume you want to "point at the cell" and do some operation.  Certainly a macro would work on the active cell.

However, isn't it just as easy (or easier) to setup conditional formatting?

Perhaps it depends on how many of these you're putting out there.  But you can't do =subroutine(,) in a formula, so you have to specify the parameters and run the macro - so this could be less labor intensive.

Anyway, another option.

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My thanks to all the responders. I am awarding the solution to Stephen because he identified the problem (You cannot do this in a formula!) and pointed me to the documentation that supported his point.
And I agree with dimille in that this can be done with conditional formatting (at least for this requirement). I was looking beyond the capabilities of conditional formatting and I will have to use subroutines if that becomes necessary.
I was surprised that the error message didn't help more. It would have made things easier.
Thanks to all for your assistance.