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Rule to Mark Emails as Read in 7 days

I would like to create a rule so that any emails that are not read in 7 days will automatically appear as read.  I am using Outlook 2010
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I don't think you can get a rule to do this, but you could make a rule to move the messages to a certain folder and then use auto archive the items after 7 days, and also set auto archive to set it as read.
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This is what we do right now and just don't like seeing all the unreads.  ;o(
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@Anthony2oo5 - Thank you!
We still want the emails just want to mark them as read.  Thanks guys!
Hi, stacystyles.

That just requires a simple modification to the code.  
Sub MarkMessagesReadAfter7Days()
    Dim olkItems As Outlook.Items
    Set olkItems = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Items.Restrict("[UnRead] = True")
    For intCount = olkItems.count To 1 Step -1
        If DateDiff("d", olkItems.Item(intCount).ReceivedTime, Now) >= 7 Then
            olkItems.Item(intCount).Unread = False
        End If
    Set olkItems = Nothing
End Sub

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This looks like it worked.  Any way to run this against sub folders that know of?
All subfolders or subfolders under the inbox?
Subfolders under the Inbox
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David Lee
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