Accessing Terminal Server using Web Access


This might be a small problem that I am over looking. I have TS Installed and have set it up the way that I have setup many before, all policies have been created, SSL Cert installed.

When I navigate to the site I am just getting the IIS Splash Page. I have gone through everything and still nothing.
Any help would be great.
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sharjeel ashrafConnect With a Mentor Senior Network EngineerCommented:
is the TS installed in a subfolder, i.e. terminalserver, if so try
the splash screen will only be displayed from the default site, under the root of iis.
sharjeel ashrafSenior Network EngineerCommented:
alos try and disbale the default folder site. and change the host header name where the ts is installed to
If you are using remote web workplace try typing in

If you just are using simple Terminal Services you need to use Remote Desktop.
Go to Start>Run and then type in mstsc
in the "computer" field type in
try to add rdweb
rperaultAuthor Commented:
WOW, I knew I was missing something. I know better. Brain Fart

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