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Using SBS Server 2008 and Outllook 2007, what settings to I need to create/set up for a new logon for the desktop and also for a new email address?  I am have done this before with someone walking me through it, and would like to get that walk through here, from EE.
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Assuming this is a domain controller and that you are using exchange:

To add user:
open "active directory users and computer"
find the container (OU)  the rest of your users are in
right click and select new.

If you have SBS 2008 then you probably have Exchange2007
to add user to email:
Open up the "exchange management console"
Expand "recipient configuration" then click on mailbox
in the actions pane click "new mailbox"
this will open up the wizard
choose user mailbox
then existing user
browse to the user you just created
next, next, new

Now to the persons machine and log in as them
open outlook (with outlook 2007) it will autodetect the user you are logged in under

Do you mean how to create a new user on the server, or how to set up the user logging in on the desktop for the first time?

On the server, go to SBS console and click on Add a new user. Follow the prompts and fill in the blanks and a new user with a mailbox will be created for you.

Then on the workstation log in as that user, windows will create a new profile, run Outlook, select the "Create a new Account now" option, pick "Exchange Server Account" and fill in the blanks there.

Presto.  8)
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
sysreq2000 is correct.  If there is a wizard to do what you want in SBS, please use the wizard.  If it doesn't work, that may be a sign that someone has done things without using the wizards, which doesen't mean the SBS is "broken", just that it is no longer in a state that the wizards expect.  Mosr of such issues can be rectified, but it also can be tedious.

I strongly reccomend if you are going to be administering an SBS server you purchase and keep by the server, after having read it, one of the serveral books  on the subject.  Several SBS MVP's have written such books and they are worth every cent.  Search for Charlie Russel and Eriq Neale.
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I don't like the wizard from the SBS console becuase it is very limited and i steer clear. But yes it should work...Key word being should....The way i have described WILL work and is how and MCSE will preform said tasks.  That being said the SBS console is user friendly for a novice administrator.
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Um... limited in what way?  Yes, you can add users without using the wizards.  But it is a whole lot more work.  The SBS dev team insures that using the wizards adds the users to all the correct security groups, sets the OU for GPOs and a whole lot more.  if one is not to use the wizards, then there is no point to SBS, except that it is a less expensive package than buying all the parts separately.

You can very well do it "manually", but I can't imagine instructing a novice to do what you suggested and not tell him about all the other things one has to do to get all the settings to work.
i buy sbs for Exchange and Sql, NOT for wizards...its more affordable for a "Small Business"...but the point is moot...i already agreed with you that the SBS console will work and if you read my first post i did explain everthing that had to be done.  I also can't even begin to tell you everything thats limited in the sbs console (Scripts, permissions, exchange features, etc, etc......list goes on).  
rodynetworkAuthor Commented:
Hey guys, thanks for the input. I'll be setting up this weekend and will post with result.  
rodynetworkAuthor Commented:
all commentary was helpful. I have her set up now.  Many thanks to the geek warriors
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