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move redo logs

Customer requested me to move redo logs to seperate mount point and remove one member per groups. I really appreciate if you could provide me all steps which I need to follow. Thanks in advance.
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Have you Googled this topic? Online Redo Log Files

If you cannot shut the database down, just create new redo log groups in the correct locations and remove the old ones.
My preference is to create them in the new location and then drop the old ones.  This allows you to keep the database up and users can be using the system.

Be aware that the setting of MAXLOGFILES when the database was created affects the number of groups that can exist.  You may need to drop one of the old ones before you can start creating the new ones.

Also, before you can drop the last old one, you need to do an


Then wait for the log to be archived.  Once that is complete, you should be able to drop it.
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what is the command to check current redo log size and how many members in each group.

select * from v$log -- will retrive all the logical information regarding number of members , status etc
select * from v$logfile -- will retrive phisycal info like filename location etc..


As ashilo said you need to query the V$log to filnd the size of redo log files and to filnd the members you need to query the V$logfile, you can join these two tables to get the required details using the column group#.

SQL> select, b.member , a.bytes "Bytes" from V$log a, V$logfile b where =;


>>what is the command to check current redo log size and how many members in each group.

Please keep in mind this is a different question than the one initially asked.