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Where can I download zcs 6.0.6 or lower 32bit?

This is to evaluate Zimbra Collaboration Suite on 32 bit Suse Enterprise server 11 for one of my customer. Where can download the above suite? either network edition or open source edition?
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Depends on the restore functionality you need, rsync -avHK /opt/zimbra /mount/backup will do disaster wise, but I love rsnapshot for great simulated hourly/day/week/month browsable directories.

From the basic:
rsync -avHK --delete /opt/zimbra/ /backup/clone/zimbra
tar -zcvf /backup/date.tar.gz /backup/clone/zimbra/

(Assuming you've created /backup/clone/zimbra directory, and got the space for 2-3x current size, also slashes as given above are important, aka contents vs folder, and --delete is used if you're doing it more than once - to purge the old from /backup/clone/zimbra)

Or script a per-account tar formatter export (though inefficient storage wise/should also backup the system config itself/ldap/mysql it allows for easy re-import to a new for them to play with (or same if you wish to overwrite or allow duplicates - heck you can even hand it to the user for self import via preferences - or for them to open and browse via their OS).

Lots of scripts on

Stopping zimbra cold isn't 100% necessary (just might have to remove .pid files come restore, and actually zimbra handles this smoothly now, or can run zmcontrol stop before you start) and you can also tar that copy up for simple handeling, transfer it else where and so forth.
Guides cover everything from LVM (a great volume management tool) to several per-account methods such as imapsync to an external /2nd server or cloning an account on same box if that suits your archive needs. See the 'legal intercept doc I wrote if you're thinking about serious compliance though - but it's technically usable for for backup -

All comes down to how easy the restore process is for you, how fast you can spin up another spare isolated box/vm to search for x in the old index/ldap (if a file based search of the store blob files won't do) - so you're not reverting the entire production system, etc.

There's also DRDB/Heartbeat how-to in the forums for HA, though I've seen people just clone /opt/zimbra weekly to another system for manual type failover (and to per-user restore just imapsync an account back to the primary box).

Or say you’ve been taking snapshot backups of the filesystem but then need to restore, and you’ve also saved all the redologs since the snapshot to another location - you have to set zmbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollove FALSE else /opt/zimbra/redologs/archive isn't used - could even mount that on another drive). Allows you to bring the snapshot copy up to current - zmplayredo permits you to force process of them all and not just the uncommitted transactions.