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Hi Guys,

The company that I'm working for is thinking about to change the antivirus on all the computers and I've been asked to check which one is the best option.
At the moment, we are running ESET Smatrsecurity, but we have problems with it.

Could anyone advise which one is the best Enterprise antiviru solution?

Thank you very much for your help.
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It would be helpful to know what types of problems you have had with ESET.

Are you looking for AnitVirus/malware protection only or do you want a firewall as well like you have with ESET SmartSecurity?
What size of network do you have, roughly how many servers and workstations? Anything unique or different about your setup? Laptops?
The best combination is to have an internet security package along with a dedicated anti spy/malware tool.

Here is what many have been using as a combo successfully for quite some years now:

Internet Security:

Kaspersky Internet Security or ESET Smart Security

Anti Spy/Malware:

MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware Free or Paid (Both are effective...the only difference in the free one is that it does not protect real time as the paid one does. And yes, its a one time fee for lifetime license)
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ercoviAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the quick answer, we have about 100 computers, most of them are laptops, 3 DC, 3 File servers, 2 MS SQL servers and a  Exchange server.

About the Antivirus we are looking for an enterprise solution with firewall.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
When I saw your question my immediate response was to say ESET SS4, but since you wish to change from that (BTW, you won't find a better admin console in my opinion), Symantec EndPoint (SEP) Security is robust and the newest version is NOT a resource hog. If you license it properly you get all versions including a special version for servers.  

I'm not sure what problems you're having with the ESET product as generally that is an excellent choice.

The other product many on this forum use is Vipre.  I personally have no experience with the enterprise product.

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Please re-consider using a software firewall solution.
You already have it built-in to the Windows OS and there is nothing to be gained - and many problems inherent in adding - a third-party firewall.

Go with Microsoft's enterprise solution - Endpoint and buy (at quantity discount) Malwarebytes-Pro.


Use real hardware firewalls to give yourself much stronger protection.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
I agree with younghv.  A good hardware firewall is much better.  Our best installation uses a Hardware firewall and NOD32 on the workstations.  That is a department of 140 computers and it has not had an infection of any type in 10 years.

You are right, you need an antivirus with firewall. I can recommend SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection. You can take a look at anouncement for new version that has unique features: go.symantec.com/sep12beta.

Best regards,

"...MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware Free or Paid (Both are effective..."

The free version of Mbam is only for domestic use.  It is a clear breach of the EULA to use the free version of Mbam (or most other anti-malware apps.) in a corporate environment.
I generally recommend ESET's NOD32 as the networks I support generally are behind a great firewall at the network level. With as many laptops as you have and assuming they all travel it is probably wise to look at a product with a firewall.

The last time I used symantec's SEP was two years ago and it was slow, used too many resources, and didn't catch malware very well.  I can't speak for the the current version as I haven't tried it.

I have just started testing GFI's VIPRE product and so far have been very impressed, again this is just AV and not their version with the firewall.

Sophos is the other product that I have heard is really good at the enterprise level, but again I have not had any personal experience.

Here are some posts from earlier this month of the same question being asked among some consultants and IT staff.

Those of us on EE who are also "consultants and IT staff" much prefer that links be made to posts within our site.

An "advanced search" of our site for the expression "best av solution " (over the past 12 months) yields some great results...such as:





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