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Access 2000 Graphs

I added a report (graph) to access but it only pulls data from 4 departments. We have 11 departments, so how can I get the report to show the other departments. See the attachments for the only dept it pulls. User generated image
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Is there data for the other departments?
What is the rowsource of the chart?
Are you really running Access 2000?  Not too many of us still that version installed.  The new PivotCharts introduced in Access 2002 (and updated in later versions) offers lots more options.
As Pete states, all that seems to be required is that you add the other fields to the Chart's RowSource...

So instead of something like this:
SELECT Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4
FROM SomeTable

It will be like this:
SELECT Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4, Field5, Field6....
FROM SomeTable
(Just add the other Department fields)

If, on the other hand, the Department names are all in the same "Department" Field, then this should be automatic...

So as Pete requested, we need to see the Chart's rowsource, to be sure...


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all dept names are in the same dept field but only 4 are pulled for some reason. This is the copy of the row source:

TRANSFORM Count(*) AS [Count] SELECT [Dept] FROM [tblSafetyWalkThru]   GROUP BY [Dept] PIVOT [TypeofSafetyIssue];
is this discussion over or something?
Is there data for the other departments?
yes there is.
Beats me then.

If the transform query shows all the data you expect I don't know why the chart should be any different unless you are applying filters to the chart values.
"is this discussion over or something?"

Please remember that Experts here are Volunteers.

As such, we answer questions when we have the time.
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I think we will have to see the data source to figure this one out.
I feel ashamed that I didn't check that. Thanks
Don't feel bad...

As long as you got the issue resolved...


BTW, can you post a screenshot of the chart in design view when it was "Chopped off"?

This would serve as a great visual for others with the same issue.