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How do I remove OWA on a Blackberry tied into BES?

I have been in the process of setting up a Blackberry Enterprise server on a Windows 2008 SBS Server.  I had some trouble configuring it initially so in an effort to allow the Blackberry users to get email, I setup the OWA type feature.

I now have BES configured and functional.  I can't seem to find a way to remove the OWAS settings on their Blackberries.  One of the users reported the following to me:

"I wanted to ask you why I am receiving my emails to 3 times…. On my phone I receive them in my messages, then my, and then on my desktop envelope. How can I have them come in just once? Does that make sense? "

Any direction would be helpful.  Thanks
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I would think wiping the device, disabling activesync and then activating it only on the BES should fix it.
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I don't think the customer will be too excited to do a device wipe.  Is there another way?
It sounds like he is complaining of the multiple deliveries. That would honestly be the easiest. As long as he has not setup too much, it should not be a problem for him. Also the BES will store many of his settings, and you can leave applications he installed and the SD card alone with the wipe.

Once he reactivates the device on the BES, everything stored in the hidden Exchange folder (Blackberry preferences like key assignments, ringtone profiles etc) will be restored to the device, and applications, pictures and ringtones themselves will still be present on the device.

The other option is to attempt to deactivate the OWA / ActiveSync, but the ICONs might remaim causing further confusion.
I have tried deactivating these but the area to do this is no longer accessible.  Has me a bit stumped.

I have to do this on another phone too and I'm thinking I need to remove the OWA/Activesync email FIRST before adding the BES setup to prevent this from occurring again?

Thanks for the insight.
Yes, I would assume that your policies on the BES have done something to your ActiveSync as ActiveSync also enforces its own policies.
I only have the default policy on the BES server and couldn't find anything that relates to program removal restrictions, but I'm new at the BES game.  

We are talking BES policies, right?  Not AD or Exchange?
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