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How do i read and write from the real (64 bit) registry from a 32 bit vbs running on 2008 or Win7

I want to read and write to the real (64 bit) registry on windows 7 and 2008.

How do I do that?

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There's optional flag that's can be used on Win32 registry calls to allow a 32-bit program to read the 64-bit registry (and vice-versa). Let me see what I can find on the .NET side.
I found information about the registry virtualization flags. Here's the article: Notice the KEY_WOW64_64KEY and KEY_WOW64_32KEY flags. But I'm still working on how to pass them to the .NET calls.
This post goes in to more details: It seems up until .NET 4.0 it wasn't possible to manage both side of the virtualize registry. What version on .NET are you using?
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On the Win7 and 2008 machines I am running on, I believe 3.5 SP1 is always installed by default.

I wonder if I can use just a plain old C++ program to do this.
or maybe Java?
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So it seems you need to move up to .NET 4.x or use the pinvoke functionality. It's really not very clean either way based on what you've told me.
Sorry, i was pulled off on something else.

I can't rely on .net 4.0 being there so I am out of luck in that direction.

I have IS 2010 (I am usng 2008) I'll see if 2010 will work.

I can do Win32 if I REALLY need to,,but hopefull I can avoid that.
I really don't have a "how to  implement it" answer, but it is a complex question and I appreciate the help