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Crystal Server Trial Software

I am having a tough time installing the trial version of Crystal Reports Server 2008.  During the install I receive a message stating that the license is invalid but it keeps going with the install.  After the install is complete I am able to open the Central Management Console but the only server that is running is the Central Management Server.  I am working with SAP to resolve the issue but was wondering if any experts here have run into similar issues.  I have attached the error messages as well as screen shots of the CMC.

I am thinking that the server issues are due to the invalid license key but I cannot figure out how to add the key and thus far SAP has told me it 'should' be valid.

Any help is always appreciated!

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Is that the license key emailed to you when you downloaded the eval software?  It obviously worked when you input it for the sake of installing, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to install at all, so that's really odd.  Support should be able to provide you with a different key.

That being said, I'm literally in the middle of installing CRS2008 for a client.  We had issues with the trial download even unpacking properly the other day and had to go with a different download that included three files, not just one.

I think something's borked with the latest download.

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I would have to agree.  I actually started over from scratch, including downloading the HUGE files again.  It took me all morning and I got to the exact same place I was last night.  Ugh.  The odd thing is that it worked the very first time I installed it and then after I un-installed and re-installed (twice) it doesn't work.  It's almost like there is some sort of cookie or something - maybe a registry entry that needs to be deleted.
If you do an uninstall/reinstall, I would highly recommend deleting the leftover businessobjects folders from your programs list and a series of registry keys.  That being said, if you have Crystal Reports 2008 installed it gets more complicated, because--for whatever reason--the Crystal Reports 2008 files aren't installed in a Crystal Reports folder, but in an BusinessObjects Enterprise folder...  Delete the entire folder and you break your Crystal Reports install..

I noticed something was up with this when I uninstalled Crystal Server and then tried to open Crystal Reports.  There was a file missing so it wouldn't pull up.  After I re-installed Server it works fine.  I am going to wait on SAP and see if I get any assistance.
I talked with our IT department, got a valid license, and put it into the system but that did not resolve the disabled server issues.
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The trial one may not work because it is just that for trying and testing.

I'm glad you got it to work!

If I had to guess, I'd say there was registry information left over for the key from the first install and while the installer let you actually complete the install, to the system it appeared that you were reusing a temporary code.

The trial licenses are supposed to be valid for 30 days, but the software itself is actually the production software.
It is now a non-issue as installing a valid license key did the trick.