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List Custom Print View

I'm using SharePoint 2 and am a total newbie.  Our company does not allow SharePoint designer.  I have a custom list and I want to be able to print individual items in the list without...
- the navigation headers, (mine says "Home", "Help"...and "Up to ...")
- without the Edit options, ("New Item", "Edit Item", ...)
- without the URL at the bottom
- and without the left side border that is printing as well.  This is the layout of the entire site - a big margin on the left.  Not sure if this is removable.

What can I add to a content editor web part that will allow me to do this?  Thanks!
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If you are not allowed to do anything on the SharePoint environment it is going to be very hard. How many things are you planning to print? If it is only one, why not just take a screenshot and paste it into mspaint. I know it sounds like a very newbie solution, but if you are not allowed to do a lot, this pretty much is your only option.

If you are allowed to use jquery, you can use the remove function of the api:
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I can add a content editor web part.  Is there code I can put in that to customize print view?
Yes, you can put the jquery code in the content editor webpart if your admins have added jquery support to your sharepoint farm.
If not, you will probably be able to achieve this somehow in javascript as well, but that will be "insane".
Ok, so I'm still at the beginning - not knowing exactly what code to add to achieve the bulleted items in the original question.
It's not going to be that easy. You will have to look at the source of the page, and identify all the elements of the page that you want to be removed. You can use internet explorer for that, hit f12 and then select by click. This will allow you to select an element and it will give you its information.

Once you have identified the elements you will have to use the jquery remove cocde in your script to remove all the items after which only what you want will remain.
This would remove them entirely right, and not just in print view?
Yes, but then again you could use querystrings like url?printview=true to show a printable versions and have your jquery script take that into account.

How to read querystrings:
I have no idea how to implement your suggestions...
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