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SBS 2008 Non existant user mail foward

I am about to install a SBS2008 server in a branch office of a company that has a email server in another country, now if the us branch has Exchange accounts (same domain name)how can a exchange USA user send an email to a user with the same domain name but different user name to a mailbox on the pop email server in the other counrty without getting a delivery failure.   Basically i want email to any non existant local user to be fowarded to another mail server.  Hope this makes sense

Thank you

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Cliff Galiher
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You don't. That is why SBS is not a branch-office solution. Never was.
in addition to emailing witin the company issues, how were you planning to get inbound mail from the internet? a mx record for the domain exists already.

Cliff is spot on
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want i want to do is tell Exchange it is not authorative for the domain, so if it can't resolve a name like it shouldn't give up but should forward it on somewhere else.  I have done this in the past with exchange 2003
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What i am looking for is the SMTP setting that i use in Exchange 2003 "foward all mail with unresolved recipents to host: "

I do not see anything like this in excchange 2007 hub transport
With standard product versions this works fine.   SBS is an island...cant do trusts..child domains and so on and to work properly Exchange in an SBS server needs to be king.
Microsoft imposes certain restrinctions on SBS INTENTIONALLY to prevent you from doing what you are trying to do. If this could be done on SBS then it'd be installed in all sorts of very large enterprises as branch-office servers.  When you look at the pricing of SBS vs standard Windows and Exchange, you can see that this would be giving away money. MS saw the need for *real* small businesses to have an affordable solution, looked at their needs, and designed a product that fit those needs, where these restrictions don't matter. But they also added the restrictions so they didn't get taken advantage of by people improperly installing SBS in larger organizatoins.

In short, if you want this, install a server and exchange in your branch office, not SBS. IF this organization is large enough to have branch offices in multiple countries, they are not the target audience for SBS anyways, so this is attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole. Just don't do it.

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i have this working on SBS2003 right now, Its been working for years
the reason why they permitted this in 2003 was the pop3 connector, where an ISP was holding mailboxes for same domain.

SBS is the wrong product for this job
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Internal relay domain was the answer!!  This option is exactly for situations like mine. If an internal name doesnt match the message is sent to the SMTP connector and an MX lookup is performed and the message is sent out.

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