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Disk space 4X wasted

I have a Terabyte hard drive that I have formatted as FAT32 to be compatible with my PS3 console.

The 310 files that are on the drive are reporting as 204GB in total size. The drive space, however, is reporting 694GB used.

Ironically, the properties on the files also report that they take up 204GB on disk.

The recycle bin is empty and I have view hidden files and protected system files turned on.

I assume it's got something to do with block size but what??? How can I take advantage of this terabyte of space?
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Theres a really good program that allows you to see what is on your harddrive and what is taking up space but you stated it's on your PS3 console so I am not sure if you could install the program. Either way the program is called TreeSizeFree.

My suggestion would be is to throw the drive into an external enclosure or if you have a PC with an extra HDD slot and can throw it in there to see it that would be ideal. I will research if there is a better way to find out what is taking up what space on your PS3 but I feel like it isn't possible to a full extent.
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I forgot to mention that I take it back and forth between my PCs and my PS3.

I'll check out the program... Thanks!
Ahh well yes if you install that program for free in your PC it adds itself to the context menu when you right click on something and you just say Scan with "TreeSize Free". It is a really nice, easy-to-use program and I think will solve your problem. Good luck.
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Check out the TreeSize result screen...

It also shows that the drive is 931GB with 236GB off free space (apparently 695GB used), although there are only 200+ GB of files on the drive.

It does cite 32K blocks, which I thought would be quite normal.
If I add a 1GB file, it uses up almost 3GB of space on the drive. I'm gonna pull my hair out!
Yea something doesn't seem right if your average file size is 700mb and you have 320 files. That alone is 224gb which is almost the amount you have used up. Is it nothing but movie on your drive? Using FAT32 the compression rate may be having an issue. Try running a chkdsk on that drive in particular. It just seems weird that it would be tripling in size everything you put on there.
It's just movies. I'll run a checkdisk, but I routinely connect this drive to my Windows 7 machine, which would normally balk if there was something corrupt on the drive. No complaints ever.
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can you post the details of 1 file ?  it may clear up things
also - do you use any software to put these fiels here, or just copy them ?
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A very high fragmentation rate could also be part of an explanation.
I like the sound of that, Torimar... I used the HP format utility, which I rarely ever use and oddly, this is the first time this has happened to me. Fragmentation is not the issue because I copy the files whole to the drive, not download many at a time direct to the drive, which would cause fragmentation.

I'll download those utils and give it a whirl. It'll take me a couple of centuries to copy the data off and back on again. Thanks for the info... I'll report back.
HP format utility? But not the "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool"?
Because that is for flash drives. I still use it myself whenever I have to prepare a bootable USB stick. I wasn't aware it would even work on a large drive, but no wonder it didn't work correctly.

I'm sure this will take you a while. I wish I could give you a guarantee that your time will be well spent. But all I have is an intuition.
Yes... the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Works on all sizes but apparently, may not work well for all sizes.

I know a good intuitive feeling when I see one... I'm in agreement and never gave it a thought before. I assumed that 32K block formatting is the same regardless of what formats it.

I'll give it a go and letcha know.
I object to the deletion of this thread. I think this is a premature move.

The discussion between the asker and myself in the last 5 comments sounded promising. It also is quite likely that the cause of the issue may have been found: the use of the wrong formatting tool.

In his last comments the asker alerts us of the fact that he will need a long time to backup his data before trying my suggestions, but he also assures that he will let us know about the outcome.

Therefore I think it would have been more appropriate to remind the asker of this thread by adding an administrative comment, rather than deleting it straightaway.
Sorry about the long delay. You were bang on in your comment below to the administration.