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Windows 2008 Server share not showing all the files

I have a share on my 2008 file server that has 61 folders in it. when I do a UNC path from my Windows 7 machine it only shows 21 folders out of the 61 that's there. We have DFS replication setup on this server and another. Could that be whats causing this issue?
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When I run the dfsutil property ABE \\namespace I get ABE is not supported and System Error - the request in not supported. Could it be because its under a Domain-bases in Windows 2000 Server mode?
dfsutil property ABE \\namespace

misstype or ?

dfsutil property abde enable \\namespace

and yes, 2008 mode is required for ABE

Then it would not be enabled. They are 2000 mode right now.
So, that's strange :/
Anyone else have any ideas, when I try \\server\share on my Windows 7 machine I see only 21 folders out of the 67 that are suppose to be there but when I log into a Windows XP machine and try I see all 67 folders. Just don't understand what could of changed. This started happening yesterday.
So far what I have seen is I only see the files and folders that I have access too. How do I change this?