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MS Access Runtime has a lock on the LDB file

For years, I have been using MS Access run-time from the Developers Toolkit to let others use databases, forms, reports and macros I've set up.  On some new PCs I've added to the network the database won't open and the LDB file has a lock icon over it.  No error message. Nothing happens. All PCs are using XP.  Why would the LDB file lock on the same level OS on the same network where this has worked for years. The only variable is these are new PCs, but they are running XP.
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I belive an LDB always will show with a lock on it's icon...  

That asside...   the fact that some users can not open the file...  have you checked the default open mode of all of your installations?  

Is is possible that someone has the file opened exclusivly?

The fact that there is an LDB file USUALLY indicates that someone has the file open (if the last person out. crashed out...  it might exist even though no one is using it)

What AV software are they running.  I've had a similar sort of problem with McAfee AV locking files for scanning and failing to release them.

Just a thought

You can use the OpenSchema  to view the users using an mdb

it is based upon the microsoft
cn.OpenSchema(adSchemaProviderSpecific, , "{947bb102-5d43-11d1-bdbf-00c04fb92675}")
Based upon a micosoft article kb 198755

You can see one implementation of the Open Schema on Allen Browne's web site.

My personal implementation of this is based upon a kernal block of code that comes from a commercial provider...  and as such can not and should not post it here.

but basically it allows you to determine UserName, Computer, are they connected and if they have left the database in a suspect state.

Take a look (at Allen browne's site or search for the Ms Kb article)
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I don't know if the anti-advertising 3rd party police are going to jump on me for this but I'm offering a solution that might be helpful and is FREE.

We offer a product, Total Access Admin,, that lets you monitor who's currently in a database (or multiple databases at once), and log when they enter and leave.

There's a free demo that you can download:

Just install it and point to your database and you'll see the activity in real-time. Hope this helps.

I am not the "anti-advertising 3rd party police", although I don't agree with it. It's the deceptive advertising that I object to.  Specifically the word "FREE".

I just had a look at you're site and the cheapest version is $149.  In what world is that FREE.

Sure there may be a FREE "DEMO VERSION" but that is not the same thing.  It's like saying Paint is free because you can get a free sample pot, or a Movie is free when all you get is the trailer.

This was an attempt to help someone with a specific immediate problem with no intention of receiving any revenue. The solution we offer can be used totally free for 15 days which would be more than sufficient for this need. They don't need to buy it and I don't think they would need to given their limited need.

Someone else mentioned a 3rd party solution that couldn't be shared. So, I thought my actual solution would be welcome compared to that. I'm not aware of alternatives. Sorry for trying to help.
Oh, the solution is a need to examine the traffic in and out of the LDB to see who's connecting, who's exiting, and who's leaving the lock open in a suspect state.
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Sorry for the delay on the update. Still a problem.  All PCs have the same virus protection.  Older PCs run Run-time version of Access and full Access with multiple users, and have for years. No problem.  This issue involves newly deployed PCs, all on XP. We have our own  network monitoring SW so we know who is in.  2 of us with older PCs got in, no problem.  Went to new PC with us still in, clicked on DB using Run Time - no reaction, no error, just won't open.  2 original got out, it opened OK.  Loaded full version of MS Access on the new PC. With 2 WS in the DB, opened full Access, clicked File Open - opens fine.  Double click on the database, still won't open.; Any ideas?
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)
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sounds like a Jet incompatibility issue.  Are all the users using the same version of Access?
Worked perfectly.