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How do I pass an aggregate Linq query to my view

I am trying to create a view from two tables in my database. I am using EF4 and ASP.NET MVC 3. Now I query these 2 tables and need to return a view model which contains all columns from the Report table and the business name column from the Customers table. In my view I just want to add one model name. How do I go about it? The attached code of course only returns the report data. So how do I get the one column from the Customers table in the same model (or meta model?)?
public IEnumerable<Report> GetMyReports(int resellerid)
            ReportsAndName repn = new ReportsAndName();
            var reports = from c in entities.Customers
                          from r in entities.Reports
                          where c.CustID == r.CustomerID &&
                          c.Reseller_id == resellerid
                          select r;// String.Format("{0} - {1}", r, c.Business_name);
            return reports;

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Fernando Soto
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Hi nikomanek;

Do you want the results of the query, reports, to be a collection of type ReportsAndName?

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Hi, sorry, the ReportsAndName is a leftover from one of my attempts to create a repository which contains Reports and Customers. Did not really work.

I have entities which are from a EF4 model generated from the Customer and Report table and I would like to have all reports and the business name from Customers in my result.
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Perfect, thank you!
Not a problem, glad I was able to help.