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Translate PDF's

I come across scientific papers in Spanish that I would like to read, obviously the easiest solution is to learn Spanish, but as I am learning it I still need to be able to read some papers, I would like to take a pdf and translate it to English, while retaining the format of the document and the images. There are some software out there that translate I know but often I find their translation very poor, Google does a good translation but it looses the pictures and formatting, plus I can not seem to save the document past the first page.  (And I know that no computer program can translate as good at a human can).  So again in short
I want to be able to translate a PDF document from Spanish to English while retaining all its formatting and pictures.
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Presently, the consensus seems to be to convert pdf to word and then use a translator like Trados to translate the word document.

read this link:

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I am looking up this service to see if it fits my needs thanks for the directions to go if so I will let you know
well I tried and I would say that the software does not quite do what I would like it to do in fact it destroyed all the original formatting. So I am still looking for an alternative solution. I am trying to contact the company to see what I did wrong but as of right now I would like to find something a little more straight forward.
You did not mention the name of the software/service you are referring to in your comments.  Please clarify.

Did you try the plug-in mentioned in the above link?
Sorry about that I have attached the original pdf and the converted document to word I used  Solid PDF Tools v6 to convert the document to work I then took the word document and tried to translate it in SDL's Trados Studio 2009 program.  I have attached a screen shot of the resulting Trados document which I can not export out to word or a pdf.  In the end 99.97% of the document was not translated, so I can only assume I am doing something wrong with the software.  
So, if I understood you correctly, you are able to satisfactorily convert the pdf to word using Solid PDF Tools v6 as the converter. Your problem is strictly related to translating the word document without losing formatting?

While you were using Trados,did you make sure that the hard returns - the symbols that look like a small q which you get when you press Enter - are only present at the end of sentence or paragraphs? Otherwise Trados will treat them as the end of a sentence. Another thing to try is to save the word document as a text file before you run it through Trados and see what happens.

Another thing to look into is installing the language compatibility pack that Microsoft provides with the later versions of MS Office.  I will research this and get back to you.

Also did you try any of the other potential solutions mentoned in the first link I gave you?
For example, did you try the plug-in mentioned below?

see this link for available downloads of the MS Language Compatibility Packs for the different versions of MS Office (Word). 
Some more links that might be worth looking into:

Download the PDF version -> MultilanguagePacks_Office2010.pdf

Language pack options for Office 2010
Office 2010 Multi-language pack
The Office 2010 Multi-Language Pack contains all of the single language packs for the Office 2010, in addition to the Office 2010 Proofing Tools Kit.
Office 2010 Language pack
Microsoft Office 2010 Language Packs have the files to install an individual language plus the associated companion languages and the proofing tools for the companion languages.
Office 2010 Proofing tools
Microsoft Office 2010 Proofing Tool Kit for allow users to edit documents in more than 50 languages. Depending on the language, these editing tools might include spelling and grammar checkers, thesauruses, and hyphenators. Proofing tools might also include language-specific editing features such as Language AutoDetect, AutoSummarize, and Intelligent AutoCorrect.
The Office Proofing Tools Kit 2010 contains all proofing tools for all languages. Office 2010 Language Packs include proofing tools for companion languages. For example, when you deploy the English version of an Office product, users receive Proofing Tools for both Spanish and French in addition to English.
Depending on the number of user interface languages you want to deploy and the included companion languages, single language packs might provide all of the Proofing Tools you need.
Office Language Interface Pack (LIP)
The Office Language Interface Pack (LIP) provides a limited translated version of the Office interface. User assistance or help (F1) is not translated into the LIP language: It will always remain in the language of your original Office installation. In most cases, the Office LIP contains a spelling checker for the language. Once you install the LIP you can switch the language from your base language version of Office to the language of the LIP you installed through Microsoft Office Language settings.
As far as I can tell there really is not a software that will do exactly what I want it to do, in one way or another I have to sacrifice both formatting or translation quality (which I know is never perfect), so it looks like doing it the manual way will be the option for right now, the office products to a fair to good job.
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Hello puppydogbuddy,

I appreciate you keeping after it, I was concerned I was leading us on a wild goose chase, and that I was very busy and did not have time to dedicate to this problem and did not want to waste your time.

I downloaded the demo this morning it seemed to do an excellent job, so I made the plunge and bought the software.

Now this IS EXACTLY what I was looking for, obviously there are thing in the interface that when I get into the details of the program will need to be figured out but, that does not look too onerous, It has an auto translate feature so that I can quickly see the document and then if I want to tweak the translation, it looks like I have the option too.  

So automated good to very good translation (with advance features to improve translation)
Keeps original formatting, tables, images, ect.  

Its a shame I can not increase the rating because this is a perfect solution for my problem at a very reasonable price.  Thanks again.

Glad you are very happy with the solution and thanks for the will help a lot of people who are looking for the same solution.