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ActiveComputerName does not update on computer name change.

We are currently working on setting up images for vmware view using Windows XP and we are having issues with changing the name of the virtual PC.

When we change the name it updates in the registry under the ComputerName but does not update the ActiveComputerName after the reboot.

I was just wondering if anyone has seen this issue and have any idea how to resolve it.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Are you not using linked clones and provisioning desktop pools, and letting VMware View server to deploy the workstations based on the chosen name "formula"?
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Yes to the above.  The issue is when it gets to the Customization part of provisioning the VM's it is unable to join them to the domain.  When we go into look at the VM's it says the name already exists on the network.

As an example let's say the template name is View.  When I goto one of the provisioned VM's and go to log in locally it says I'm logging into "View".  But if I check the name in computer properties it says "View1".  I can change the name as many times as I want but the "ActiveComputerName" registy key does not change to match the "ComputerName" registry key after a reboot as it should.
okay, have you create an OU for VMware View workstations to be created in?

does the account are using, have the correct access to join machines to the domain?
Yes to both of those as well.  We actually have another XP image that works just fine.  The newer image has more of the base application set that our users need.  The issue stems from the template itself because it has the same re-naming problem and is passing it on to the provisioned VM's.  I really don't want to have to re-create the image (mostly because it would be a giant P.I.T.A.) but it may be the route I have to take if I can not resolve this issue.
Okay, well if the golden master is not correct, then this could be the issue.

Have you tried, removing the golden master from the domain, and re-adding, what issues occurs, it fails to join the domain?
Have actually have had no issues adding it to the domain at all.  The only issue is that those two registry entries do not match or change when they should that is causing my strife.

Here are some images that may help:

 User generated image User generated image User generated image User generated image
hang, I'll explain a little better, e.g. if you clone this machine out to another, and try adding to the domain, you can reproduce the same issue?
Yes to the clone, it has the same issue.
In all my years, I've never seen this issue. I would change the Zones of this question, to include Active Directory, this is clearly not a VMware View issue, but more likely a build issue.

Maybe some of the Experts in Active Directory zone, know how to fix this issue.
I put in vmware since it was a vm and as I never seen this either I thought it may have been the fact it was virtualized.  As for bing an AD issue I'm not sure of that right now since I get the same results whether joined to the domain or not.  I'm going to run some checks on the registry to see if there is anything there.  Anyway thanks for the help.
I mean that if you select another Zone, more relevant to Joining the Domain, you might get an expert that has seen this issue. I've never seen an issue when a computer joins the domain, it doesn't change the machine name on the PC.

Unless incorrect permissions used to join domain, any event log information from PC or DCs?
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Note: This problem does not have anything to do with VMware View, other than an incorrect golden master image (workstation) to use Linked Clones from. Ensure that the master/golden image is correct before using Linked Clones.
Although the solution does not resolve the issue it may help anyone (un)lucky enough that does experience it a good place to start looking.