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How do I allow mov download

We have to upload files to our web server and then create links so clients can download then - just basic text a href links.  When the file is a .mov file the links do not seem to work - we get a cannot open file when right clicking on the link and choosing save as.  Is there a way to fix this
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Have you tried this on more than one machine and/or browser?
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Yes various browsers and machines.  The links work if the file is wmv, ppt, xls etc, just not mov.  if we rename the file from .mov to .wmv it works.
what kind of web server are you using?
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windows server 2008, page is .aspx, 2
have you tried a simple html page to see if the problem is only related to the asp page?
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i'll give that a go when I'm in work tomorrow
The best thing to do is create a download handler (.aspx) file that will stream the file back out to the end user.   You then create links like:

Then, in your aspx file, you check to make sure that the file is safe for download, set some headers, and stream the data to the browser.
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