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flash not working in IE

Tried a bunch of stuff but no luck.

Installed stand alone.
Reinstalled ie 8
Tried it in ie 6
Tired it through the ninite installer.

IT does work in firefox.
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First thing I'd try is go to tools > internet options.
go to programs tab
select the manage add-ons button
look for the shockwave flash and make sure it's set to enabled.

If it is, then it gets a bit trickier.
I've had to do this on servers in the past (citrix) that stopped working for normal users.
Uninstall all versions of flash.  Go through the registry (might be a good idea to backup) and remove anything that looks like it points to flash.

hope this helps
You can try adobe's flash uninstaller
Adobe Flash Player removal tool is developed by Adobe, probably because they’re aware that removing Flash Player plugin isn’t as easy as clicking the uninstall button.
then install the latest versions either from adobe's site or from here
forgot to add the link to the uninstaller
This isn't by chance an HP laptop or desktop is it?
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It is a Dell E6400

I will try the uninstall tool

As for seeing the Add-on in IE, it is not showing up - which is probably part of the issue
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just gave up and used firefox