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Need to mount stores in order to do backup to clear log files but not enough space

Due to no backup job being set, I have an exchange server that has the stores dismounted due to the transaction log location being full. I want to do an online backup of the store to clear the transaction logs, but it won't run, seems like it is because the store is dismounted. How do I mount the store to do the backup if there is no room in the transaction log location? Thanks!
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Check the header dump of the database file using eseutil /mh command.
Check the state of the DB if it is in Clean or Dirty Shutdown.
Check the number of log files required by the database and post the results.
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I am trying to do that, but eseutil /mh is not recognized. In what directory am I supposed to run that? I have tried the directory where the DB's are stored.
You have to run it from Bin directory in the Exchsrvr folder.
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Ok first it said:
Usage Error: Missing database/filename specification.

Operation terminated with error -1003 (JET_errInvalidParameter, Invalid API para
meter) after 0.0 seconds.

So I added the name and then got:

E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /mh priv1.edb

Microsoft(R) Exchange Server Database Utilities
Version 6.5
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Initiating FILE DUMP mode...
         Database: priv1.edb

Operation terminated with error -1811 (JET_errFileNotFound, File not found) afte
r 1.0 seconds.
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Enable Circular Logging - which will purge the log files, allow you to mount the stores and then immediately run an Exchange Aware Backup, then disable circular logging and keep backing up using an Exchange Aware Backup program.

Once Circular logging is enabled - restart the Information Store Service and then mount the stores.
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Alan, that was a thought I had at first, but is there a possibility of losing non-comitted transactions if I enable circular logging?
It is a possibility.

How many transaction logs are you talking about and how far do they go back?

If you have thousands, you can move half of them out to another drive with space, then mount the stores, let Exchange commit the unwritten logs to the database, then enable circular logging after an hour, then restart the information store and then backup, disable circular logging and then remove the moved log files too.
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812 files going back to 2/9. I set up this server and neglected to setup the backup job, then got pulled away and never got back to it... So it has never been backed up.
You can follow Alan's advise and let us know what happens.

If you want to continue with the eseutil command, you have to type in the entire path of the database not just the filename.
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Alan Hardisty
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ok, what about the res1.log and the E00.log files?
Leave well alone.
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Ok, trying that now. I included the res1.log and the E00.log files in the copy of all to another folder. If I have to use the copied files if the backup is not successful, would I need those? Just wondering at this point.
Copying them is fine - just don't copy them back once you try to mount the store.  The e00.log file records the latest log files that has been used and the res1.log is used when the disk space fills up.  Transactions are written to the res1.log file long enough to allow the database to be shut down cleanly.
You can run eseutil /mk to check which file are commited. Then you can remove those.
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Thanks - worked perfectly, now I am scheduling the backup nightly like I should have in the first place.