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Sonicwall Question - OPT port

I have a user with a TZ190 Enchanced who is wanting to ran a cable across the wall to his neghbor with a TZ180 to connect the networks together.  Both are on different subnets.  Is it as simple as connecting the 2 via the OPT port (not used) and assigning it a 'connection subnet' between the 2?  I guess what I'm t hinking is the Sonicwall will automatically create the routes needed to send the traffic over to the other network.


192.168.0.x (LAN)-> (OPT) -> (OPT)->192.168.2.x (LAN)

So Client A's LAN Subnet is 192.168.1.x and he will be running a cable from his OPT port ( over to his neighbor with the TZ180 configuring its OPT port to and his LAN subnet is 192.168.2.x

So will I manaually need to create a static route on client A's Sonicwall?  like points to
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Oh and and in reverse - I forgot to add the route needed for Client B as well.  
Right, the other party needs to do the same thing on their sonicwall.
On the TZ 190 if you have the enhanced OS you'll need to manage the NAT rules as well.
Using the stated setup, there will be no NAT.  The local LAN addresses will talk to the remote LAN addresses directly.