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Copy files from CD to hard drive

I have several files that I would like to copy automatically from a cd to a hard drive.  I am using Excel and I would like to have a dialog box to select a destination folder for the copied files.  The destination path of the files needs to be pasted into a cell in an excel file.
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You can use Ken Pul's code from to dump a selected folder to A1 of sheet1 of the current file (by running the GetMe sub)

This code allows you to specify a default folder startinng point in the Function sub



Option Explicit
Function BrowseForFolder(Optional OpenAt As Variant) As Variant
     'Function purpose:  To Browser for a user selected folder.
     'If the "OpenAt" path is provided, open the browser at that directory
     'NOTE:  If invalid, it will open at the Desktop level
    Dim ShellApp As Object
     'Create a file browser window at the default folder
    Set ShellApp = CreateObject("Shell.Application"). _
    BrowseForFolder(0, "Please choose a folder", 0, OpenAt)
     'Set the folder to that selected.  (On error in case cancelled)
    On Error Resume Next
    BrowseForFolder = ShellApp.self.Path
    On Error GoTo 0
     'Destroy the Shell Application
    Set ShellApp = Nothing
     'Check for invalid or non-entries and send to the Invalid error
     'handler if found
     'Valid selections can begin L: (where L is a letter) or
     '\\ (as in \\servername\sharename.  All others are invalid
    Select Case Mid(BrowseForFolder, 2, 1)
    Case Is = ":"
        If Left(BrowseForFolder, 1) = ":" Then GoTo Invalid
    Case Is = "\"
        If Not Left(BrowseForFolder, 1) = "\" Then GoTo Invalid
    Case Else
        GoTo Invalid
    End Select
    Exit Function
     'If it was determined that the selection was invalid, set to False
    BrowseForFolder = False
End Function

Sub GetMe()
Sheets(1).[a1] = BrowseForFolder
End Sub

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I dont see how this is accessing the cd drive?
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Looks good...will try in AM. Thanks!
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Perfect.  Thank you!