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InfoPath Basics

I've never used InfoPath before and am wondering if it's the right product for this:
I want users to be able to edit an attractive form through SharePoint 2.0 and then store/link the data entered in the form in an Access database.  Is InfoPath the best way to do this?  Any issues?
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What about the SharePoint piece?  I want users to be able to access this form through SharePoint.  Once the form opens through SharePoint will the it work just the same?  Also, our company is still using SharePoint 2.0 - will that cause a problem?
Once you build the Form in InfoPath you can publish it to SharePoint.  The 2.0 version should allow this.  Here's a quick set of steps, just be sure to follow the proper sections based on your InfoPath version.  I hope this helps you out!
Were there additional steps you were going to write?  Reading your last post....
Thanks for your help, BTW.  I'm glad InfoPath will work for what I am trying to do, plus the steps look pretty straight-forward.
terribly sorry on this miss-post:

I think this is what you need.
This says how to submit the form data to SharePoint as a list item.  I just want the entire form to be accessible through SharePoint and then submit the data back to Access.  That will work, right?
I think this will work, thanks!
Yes, it will publish the form into SP for use via the web, I think it's the right track for your request...but as always, good luck with the real-world mileage.