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moving .vmdk

Hi All,

I have a VMWARE cluster with 2 hosts. I have a VM (exchange 2007) with a drive where users are storing their email archives. i have installed exchange 2010 on new VM and now i want to remove VM with exchange 2007.

Is there an easy way to point the archive drive to new VM or i have to create new drive on exchange 2010 and move it across and then delete the VMDK from data store ?

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Is the VMDK with the archive on it used for anything other than the archive drive or is it an Exchange drive used for other things as well?
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drive contains only .pst files and ex-employees home folders,
on my VM i have few drives with the same size. how can i find out which one is which ? I can only see Hard Disk 1, Hard Disk 2 etc. so im not sure which one to remove

you will need to check inside the Virutal Machine, and check Disk Management, and see which Partitions C: or D: match Hard Disk 1 and Hard Disk 2.

In drive management they will be called Disk 0 and Disk 1

Disk 0 - Hard Disk 1
Disk 1 - Hard Disk 2

But check...
I have removed it from exchange 2007 and add to exchange 2010 VM

My Exchange 2007 VM has name SNZMX1 and my Exchange 2010 is SNZMX2
In VM settings i have noticed that disk name has old name snzmx1_3.vmdk and when i browse dtatastore it is still located under snzmx1.

I want to remove exchange 2007 (snzmx1) and delete all disks, is it possible to move snzmz1-3.vmdk and rename?

Yes, you can rename it. Detach it from the server, and go to the Databrowser in the client and rename it.

In the databrowser you can also cut and paste the disk from the old location to the new.

I moved it but rename option is grayed out
oh, yes, I remember you cannot rename vmdk's from the gui.

you need to do it from the command line at the console on the server.
it's basically this on the server console or via ssh

vmkfstools -E examplevm.vmdk examplevm-renamed.vmdk

Below command didnt work
vmkfstools -E snzmx1_3.vmdk snzmx2_3.vmdk

i get error System cannot find the file specified
you are probably using ESXi, in that case you will need to follow the instructions in the URL I posted above, and complete this using via the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) or vSphere CLI (vCLI).

vmkfstools this tool doesn't exist outside the service console.
Thanks a lot for your help