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Amazon S3 using DNS subdomain and SSL for the at subdomain

I am looking to use Amazon S3 for my store for my images.  I have setup a DNS name to match that of the Amazon S3 bucket name.  My question is how do I get an ssl to work to with that subdomain because the images won't be hosted on my server but on Amazon S3's.

DNS Setup for CName:
"s2.smointernational.com" points to "smoimages.s3.amazonaws.com"

http://s2.smointernational.com/i/PackNShipLogo-LtBlue.png - NONSSL
https://s2.smointernational.com/i/PackNShipLogo-LtBlue.png - SSL

Note - Have not purchased an SSL yet until I know the full answer to what I am looking for

https://smoimages.s3.amazonaws.com/PackNShipLogo-LtBlue.png - SSL
1 Solution

I'm not entirely sure what you mean.

If you buy an SSL cert for:




then when someone goes to the second link you posted, it won't match, since the webserver will dish up a cert for:


If you link to an image using the third format, you would be okay, and you don't need to buy a cert to do that.

The second link still works - just that your users would get the cert error warning which is not likely to make them feel good!

Does that help?


bucket name should be the same as full domain name. In your case, bucket name should be s2.smointernational.com
smolinitekAuthor Commented:
I need to make this secure.  So when I go secure with https://www.smointernational.com - all the items on the page also need to be secure.

I don't think it is possible as of right now to do something like https://s2.smointernational.com and have the files point to amazon's servers.  Where would you install the SSL Cert?

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