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Citrix xenapp 5.0

Having trouble with a appliction running in citrix. When you launch the application it starts but the picture starts flickering the mousepointer flickers. Application hangs and you have to logoff the session i citrix. The application works as administrator but not as poweruser. Tried giving full ntfs-rights on local disk, no result.
Disabled DEP, no result.
Right to create global object, no result
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Please check with the Video resolution settings in citrix Xen App PS
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Does the application work through RDP as a domain user?  Does it work through the console as a domain user?
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Looks like basraj´s solution worked. I´ll just have to wait untill tomorrow to see the result. Have to install the fix on the image for the citrixservers. (provisioning)
Great solution. Been working on this for a long time.