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My outlook and exchange content is not the same????

Hi all,

This is really wierd and I hope somebody can help me.

We've just setup a new internal network from scratch and a new Exchange 2010 server. From our old Exchange 2003 I exported all my account to a pst file and when my new account was ready in the new Exchange 2010, I imported the pst file in Outlook. On my outlook everything looks fine .... but ....

* If I go to owa for my account then several mails I deleted is still showing in owa

* My contacts folders in outlook shows all my contacts, but in owa I have all contacts foldes, but they are empty.

* If I create a meeting in Outlook, it shows in owa, but if I delete it in Outlook it's still in owa.

Any idea why my Outlook/Exchange is "out of sync" or what you would call it??

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Make sure Outlook is not in 'Work Offline' mode. Try pressing the F9 key and see if it synchs up or errors.
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That helped .... thanks!!!
Can you confirm you deleted the OST? Aren't your contact folders empty now? Unless you reimported the PST?
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Yes I deleted OST and outlook recreated it.

Nope contact folders are perfectly fine on both Outlook and Exchange now.
Hmmm, if you had no Contacts in OWA like you stated then I would expect no contacts in outlook after the OST resynch.

Oh well, at least your problem is sorted
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Yeah when I recreate OST, then it must fetch all my email, contacts etc from the Exchange server right? And since it was the exchangeserver not showing me the contacts then I have no idea why it suddently do.

But after deleting the OST, everything is fine now.

If I delete a meeting, it's instantly removed from owa too.

I'm very happy!

Yep, the OST is basically a local copy of your server mailbox.
Glad it is all working.