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Video editing software for G4

Hi experts,

I wonder if there is any good video editing software that can easily import from a videocamera through Firewire on a G4 mac.
OSX ver. 10.5.8

I tried installing iMovie but it requires better mac and won't run on my G4. I tried google it, but don't find anything
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Have you taken a look at Final Cut Express?
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thanks but little too expensive for average home user. Got anything else?
What's your budget?  FCE is only $200.

My son uses the professional version, which is definitely too heavy for the home user - more like $1200.

I'll ask him if there is anything else he can recommend.
It's like 50 dollars ;-)
I've never used this, but it sounds like it might get you want you want.

I do not believe Avid Xpress Pro is being sold anymore, although you may find a copy on eBay. Avid's current consumer level video editors are Windows only. You may find something here:
The link is a free download from CNet and it is for Mac. I've not downloaded it as I have no need for it, but it seems legitimate.
It is a valid link to a free download, but it is a trial version of a maintenance update to an expensive, pro level software program. Google "Free Mac Video Software" to find low cost programs. It may take a while to find something that has the features you want and that will run on your G4.
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Checked Avid Express Pro and it couldnt be installed in 10.5.8

any other suggestions on video software for a Canon MV950 on a G4 with 10.5.8?
Solved this myself. None of the apps suggested could support my cam. I modified the iMovie package instead with Hexeditor (according to a google link) so I could install it on my G4 mac. Worked perfectly after.