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Fix registry on mounted drive


My XP PC won't boot. It gets to mup.sys in safe mode boot and hangs. I've tried the recovery options from the cd but I can't access the recovery console or selecvt a windows install to repair.

I can mount the hdd on a usb adapter fine. Can I fix the registry this way.

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First, in Explorer, go to the Windows\system32\config folder of the "broken" XP disk.
Make a backup of "system" and "software" (no extension!)
Then open regedit, select HKLM in the left pane.
Go to the "File" menu, click "Load Hive". Browse to the Windows\system32\config folder, open "System" (no extension!). When asked for a name of the hive, choose "BrokenXP" or "Whatever".
This is the former HKLM\System hive of the XP installation. Change away (when exporting/importing reg files, note that the path you want to edit now is HKLM\BrokenXP\System, NOT HKLM\System!).
Once you're done, select the "BrokenXP" hive in the left pane, go to the "File" menu, click "Unload Hive".
The usual precautions when editing the registry apply - note that the local registry of the "working" machine is opened as well ...
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Thanks for this.  When I get to the "Change away" section can I import a registry from another XP machine.

Sorry if thats a silly question
A running machine in the same network?
No unfortunately.
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Thanks, looks good