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Exchange 2007 cluster failed over

I have an Exchange 2007 2 node cluster. The active virtual machine (exchange1) went offline a while ago and Exchange failed over to the passive node (exchange2).

I am in a situation now where exchange2 is currently active (quorum owner), the copy status of the 2nd storage group (public folders) is healthy but for the first storage group (mailbox database) the copy status is 'suspended'.

Essentially I want to know the best way to bring the first storage group back up to date on exchange1 and make exchange1 the active node in the cluster. Currently if I try a 'resume storage group copy' on exchange2, it bombs out because I think the two databases are vastly out of sync with each other.

On exchage1 there is an option to 'update storage group copy' and on exchange2 there is the option to 'restore storage group copy'. Which one do I use? What impact if any will this have on our live exchange environment?

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What is the design of your Exchange 2007 cluster?
Because there's so many scenarios (CCR, SCR ...), and each is different.
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We are using a CCR design (Cluster Continuous Replication).


Because exchange1 has an old version of the database, I want to make sure that running 'update storage group copy' on exchange1 will copy from exchange2 to exchange1 and not visa-versa. Can you also confirm whether exchange2 will be available to the outside world during this process?

Many thanks,

Hi if you select the Mailbox Database that is in the "suspended" state, exchange will always use the Active Database or Healthy database to start the sync. So using either "restore storage group copy" or "update storage group copy" it will do the same thing.

And yes Exchange2 will be available as this is just a sync that gets started so it does not need to dismount the database.
Maybe that sounds a bit confusing:

1. Exchange 1 - update storage group copy - This will update the copy FROM Exchange 2
2. Exchange 2 - restore storage group copy - This will update the copy TO Exchange 1

It is just different wording.

And Exchange 2 will be available during this process as Exchange will just overwrite the current Suspended copy after which you can Move the Active Database as mentioned above.
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I will try this out of hours (just to be sure) in the next couple of days and come back to close this off then.

Thanks for the information.

No problem, awaiting your response.

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Worked a charm, thanks for your help.