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Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac cannot to connect to windows 7

My Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.1.0 cannot to connect to windows 7 pro 64 bit machine on the domain. The user authentication keeps looping. Can connect to the same machine easily using any Windows PC. Also the Mac client can connect to XP and Vista machines and our SBS 2008 server.
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Have you prefixed the username with your domain name?
i.e: mydomain\bloggsj
When connecting to Windows 7 via RDP in the same domain you sometimes have to do the following:
* If possible press - login as a different user
* If not press the icon of the current userlogged on
* DOMAIN\userid < this is essential on both above (Domain as in the domain name)


RDP > COMPUTERXX > Domain\userid > login
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The RDP client is Microsoft's free client for MAC. Yes I have already tried  domain\userid as login name as well. The userid I am trying to  login with is already currently logged into that machine.There is no problem problem connecting to it in this state using RDP from a Windows -PC. SImilarly there is no problem connecting to windows XP Pro, VIsta Business machines and Windows Server 2008 from the MAC client.
I have just remoted to several windows machines using the mac rd client and haven't been able to recreate your issue!

Does this occur for any user?
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Storky it occurs for all users on the particular Win7 pro 64 bit machine(the only on on our domain) There is no issue connecting to other WIndows machines using the same MAC client using earlier OSs or even SBS2008 64bit. I
So, when using the RD you can see the windows 7 desktop with the login screen yes?
No, when logging in with MAC RDP client I do not see the login screen. I am asked for the username and password and get stuck in that loop. I do not see the login screen while logging into the WINdows SBS2008 server either, I simply get logged into it using my credentials at the prompt.
I see. When I recreated your problem, I wasn't asked for any credentials until I got to the windows login screen. Are you certain that you have RD enabled on the target machine?
I have already said that there is no problem connecting the machine from any other Windows PC using RDP
Oh yes - my appologies.
I see that in the options there is a section specified for username and password - mine are empty which is why I wasn't prompted until the login screen.
Have you added these to your keychain previously for that particular target machine?
If it's domain user and the password has changed then the keychain would be out of date.
If i remove the login credentials from the preferences screen, i still get prompted  for login credentials and don't reach a login screen at all. No, i have not added information to the keychain and dont use it logon.
just my 2p worth but is it not because on windows 7 you have selected allow connections from computers running remote desktop with network level authentication only? check that
Still would like to get Windows desktop client for MAC to connect to the WIn7 computer
Im sorry this may be late but i was having the same issue you were having and i think i have figured out the soultion.  I had to use the fully qualified domain name instead of the short name.  For example\username instead of xxxx\username.

Hope this makes sense.  It worked for me.