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Can not send internal e-mail through seperated SMTP server rather the exchange server

I have a separated SMTP server set up to send out e-mail for my FTP. The reason I do this is because I do not want to setup the mail forward relay on my exchange server.

However, the FTP server can use this SMTP server to send out the e-mail to the external recipient (yahoo, gmail, etc) with no problem.  Not the internal ones. None of my domain e-mail account can received the e-mail sent from the FTP server.

I have discovered that all the e-mails send to my domain account have been stayed inside the “drop box" folder of the SMTP virtual server.
Please advise. Thank you for the time and help.
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This could be a DNS issue depending on how your system is set up. On your SMTP server, it is probably attempting to find an MX record for your email domain name so it knows where to send the mail to. I suspect you probably haven't got an MX record created internally on your internal DNS servers (most people don't) and therefore it's failing. You can create an MX record on your internal DNS servers or on your SMTP server specify a smarthost (one of your Exchange/Hub Transport servers) so that mail for your internal domain is sent directly to the Exchange environment without using DNS.
Browse "" and test Outbound SMTP E-mail and review the result.
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I had a similar problem on an Exhange 2007 box.  I did have to setup the smarthost as JaredJ1 described.  Email is is now able to be sent from an application on the other server.  Every now and again I get a timeout error, but for the most part it is stable.
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Thank you for the advise.

I can see I have a MX record in my DNS's forward lookup zone.

I can use nslookup to check both the name and the IP of this MX record

But I can not ping either the name or the IP of it.

This means the firewall is blocking the communication between my SMTP server and the outgoing mail server?
Possibly the exchange server not accepting connections from that IP.  Your firewall is allowing the traffic back in and I am assuming you have the appropriate ports open on the firewall to allow mail into the exchange server since you can receive from external sources.  You could try and create another receive connector specifying the SMTP servers address.  Here is a link
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Thank you for the advice.

It there anyway I do not need to touch my exchange server?

I want to use this separated SMTP server as the mail server for my FTP.  Now it has done half the job, the SMTP server can send e-mails generated from my FTP server to outside e-mail address.

But all the e-mail generated from the FTP server cannot be received by my internal mail account.

The FTP server work this way. When user A wants to share a file to user B. User A use a web interface to upload the file and input user B's e-mail address. User B will get an e-mail from user A and this e-mail contents a download link.

By accessing this link and put the password in, user B will able to download the file user A sent out.

The problem right now is if I put yahoo, Gmail to recipient, those testing account can get the e-mail with the download link.

But if I put my internal e-mail address (domain one), my domain e-mail account are not able to get the e-mail.  All the e-mail sit into the drop box in the SMTP server.

At this point of time, I am not sure how the e-mail flow internally and what is the problem.

Please advise me how e-mail flow internally.
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Found this online:

SMTP places messages for users that are members of the local domain it manages in the drop folder for delivery
I think this fits my situation here: all the e-mail to my local domain have been place into the drop folder.

But how can I make those e-mails be delivered to my local domian users?
I found this earlier and though it might help.  Looks towards the bottom of the post.
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Thank you for the link.

I changed the FQDN to the machine name but still not woring. The internal e-mails still go to the drop box.

I have win server 2008 R2 as my OS for the SMTP server.
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I am using exchage 2007.

My goal is not to touch my exchage server. I want to use the exchage server to handle the regular mail and this seperated SMTP to handle all the e-mail generated by the SMTP server.

When I configure the FTP server, I put this seperated SMTP server as the e-mail server. The result is that all the e-mails to the exteranl account are flowing fine. But all the e-mails to my domian e-mail account went to the drop box at this seperated SMTP server.

The goal now is how to configure the SMTP server that all my domain e-mail account can receive the e-mails from FTP server as well.