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Amend VBA Code to run through all files within a folder

Good Afternoon

Is it possible to amend the following code to loop through each file in a folder, regardless of the filename?

Many thanks
Sub AppendData()

    Dim wbkMaster As Workbook
    Dim shtMaster As Worksheet
    Dim rngMaster As Range
    Dim wbkData As Workbook
    Dim shtData As Worksheet
    Dim rngData As Range
' change path and file name to suit
    Set wbkMaster = Workbooks.Open("D:\temp\testmaster.xls")
    Set shtMaster = wbkMaster.Worksheets(1)
' change path and file name to suit
    Set wbkData = Workbooks.Open("D:\temp\test1.xls")
    Set shtData = wbkData.Worksheets(1)
' get end of master
    Set rngMaster = shtMaster.Range("A65536").End(xlUp)
' Change as per your need
    Set rngData = shtData.Range("A11:A" & shtData.Range("A11").End(xlDown).Row)
' copy data across
    rngData.Copy rngMaster
    MsgBox "Appended " & rngData.Rows.Count & " rows of data to Master data", vbInformation
' simply close data
    wbkData.Close False
' save and close master
    wbkMaster.Close True

'  release objects
    Set rngData = Nothing
    Set shtData = Nothing
    Set wbkData = Nothing
    Set rngMaster = Nothing
    Set shtMaster = Nothing
    Set wbkMaster = Nothing
End Sub

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Please check this code to see if you can find what you're looking for:

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Thank you for the amendment. At some point in the code I think I need testmaster.xls, to be saved and closed before moving onto the next file, otherwise the changes will be lost?

Many thanks

I have moved testmaster.xls out of the folder which I am looping through issue resolved.

Thank you