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get rid of frontpage server extensions 2000

I have a client with both frontpage server extions 2000 and 2002 on a SBS 2003 box.  This is causing all sorts of issues with classic ASP pages.  ASPX works fine.

After days of troubleshooting ASP errors I found that our issues are coming from having FPSE 2000/2002 both installed.

Both "Configure FPSE" and "Configure FPSE 2002" are listed in IIS under All Tasks for each website.

Nothing happens when I click on Configure Frontpage Server Extions.  Everything is normal when I click on Configure Frontpage Server Extions 2002.

I cannot for the life of me find where I can get rid of FPSE 2000 without uninstalling/re-installing IIS.  I do not want to do this as I will be working from a RDP session.

Please help.
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By the use of Add/remove program you could install only FPSE 2002. As you have both FPSE 2000 and 2002 on same box, Its a surprise, How you have got that installed on the WEB Server where you have FPSE 2002?
Are you facing problem on webserver or Client end? If it is client desktop, you may try to uninstall the software.
If it is just this one site - try - this should open the the correct page to remove the FPSE.

FrontPage Server Extensions might help as well - at least to see what version is installed.  Also keep in mind that if you do remove them and there and any FP web components, those will stop working (i.e. publishing for one).  The client will need to use FTP and FrontPage does not support FTP too well.  

To get to the URL to manage Frontpage Extensions on the server: FPSE Admin Control Panel http://servername:port/fpadmdll.dll?page=fpadmin.htm : Cannot Check or Recalulate FPSE 2002 on IIS6 Windows 2003 Server.
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Thanks for the links I will check them out.  No sites have Frontpage components.


A little history:
I'm an IT consultant and a company called me to fix an issue with a web based application.  Turns out this application has not been working for some time. (a couple of years).
They had a different IT consultant come in a couple of years ago to the server due to a troubled OS (SBS 2003).  I don't know the details behind what they did but I'm under the impression that they broke FPSE 2000 and tried to fix it by installing FPSE 2002.

I am also having a ton of problems repairing .NET 1.1.  I think it's related.

I have tried to uninstall FPSE 2002 and then remove FPSE 2000 from IIS with no luck.
I get HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error when browsing to ANY asp page hosted on ANY of the websites on the server.  I even created a basic "Hello World" asp page with the same results.

Here are few of the event errors that I'm getting:
Event ID: 5 - Error: ASP will not serve requests because it could not perform the first request initialization..

Event ID: 1000 - Faulting application w3wp.exe, version 6.0.3790.3959, faulting module iisutil.dll, version 6.0.3790.3959, fault address 0x000162de.

Event ID: 4354 - The COM+ Event System failed to fire the RequestWriterInfo method on subscription {A8C7B421-9D39-4823-8EF5-C8EFEFAA2AF7}-{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}-{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}.  The subscriber returned HRESULT 8002801D.

Event ID: 1000 - The description for Event ID ( 1000 ) in Source ( FrontPage 4.0 ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: Microsoft, FrontPage Server Extensions, :, Error #3003b Message: A DLL HttpServer, "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\50\servsupp\fp5amsft.dll", is not backwards compatible with this version of the FrontPage Server Extensions., , , , , .

Event ID: 1000 - The description for Event ID ( 1000 ) in Source ( FrontPage 4.0 ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: Microsoft, FrontPage Server Extensions, :,    (OS Error #126 Message: The specified module could not be found.), , , , , .

Event ID: 1000 - Faulting application w3wp.exe, version 6.0.3790.3959, stamp 45d6968e, faulting module iisutil.dll, version 6.0.3790.3959, stamp 45d70a58, debug? 0, fault address 0x000162de.
Was this website ever on another webserver and then moved to this server?

If so, how was it moved?  Did they copy / paste the files / folders or FTP all the files folders?  If so, this causes problems.  Take a look at the II6 Windows Server on how to fix this.

I would say I used ASP and uploaded via Frontpage for about ten years and never had an issue.  
No, any website hosted on this server is giving the same errors.  I can create a new website with 1 asp page and still get the error.
You should be able to remove the Extensions via the CP, I just have not done this in years unfortunately when I sold my hosting company.  

Let me see if I can find some notes as well.  
That's the issue.  Cannot get into FPSE 2000 control panel.  FPSE 2002 control panel works fine.  I cannot find an option to uninstall FPSE 2000 anywhere.
I am afraid, You wont be able to find any solution for this problem. Probably you may look for rebuild of server.  I have experienced same problem few years ago. Because FPSE is not compatible with FPSE 2002 , you wont be able to work with it. As its not compatible with Windows 2003 , you wont be able to uninstall it. Try to uninstall using Registry keys.
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-051 - you might be able to download the 2000 server extensions and that might help to remove them.

If you go into the IIS Manager and right-click on the virtual server, do you get a prompt to remove server extensions?  

Maybe if you update the 2000 server extensions, they will then appear in the Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs?  

Is it possible to see some screenshots of some of these dialog boxes?
I tried to find the old server extensions but no luck.  In bed sick currently.  Will send some screen shots later

That is not good news pcsmitpra
Try this , Open server registry
My Computer \HLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\
Locate FPSE2000 here , It should be listed here, Once found select it and on right side pane you will see Uninstall string. You may run that string from command prompt.
But if you do not find it under registry then it means its installation has been corrupted. And you could not fix it.
Nothing in the regestry.  I beleive FPSE 2000 comes part of SBS 2003 (I could be wrong) along with .NET 1.

Here are some screen shots of what i'm dealing with.
 User generated image
More Screen shots from the event viewer
Incase you are running a webserver with operating system Windows 2000  with FPSE which you further UPGRADED with Windows SBS 2003 with FPSE 2002. This was the only possibility I can imagine to get FPSE on windows SBS 2003. I am out of ideas now. For me it could not be fixed. :(
Yeah, i'm out of ideas too.  The more I read about FPSE 2000, they should not have even been on this machine.  I have no idea how they got their.  I love coming in and trying to fix what someone broke and the client expects it to be a quick fix.
Sorry, I am not getting emails - my hosting provider messed it up and I am trying to change to another provider.

Can you let us know what happens when you click on each option (i.e. Configure Server Extensions)?  

Were able to install / repair FPSE2000 with the program?
When I click on Configure Server Extensions - Nothing at all, no errors or event log entries.

Everything works when I click on Configure Service Extensions 2002.

I am in the process of removing IIS and the Intranet components for the second time.  The first time had some issues that required more digging into.  

I had a new error durring the first re-install.  Had a .NET 1.1 command line syntax error.  

This is fun!  This is going to drive me to drink.

No luck on the FPSE2000 repair.  I think this came from an old Windows 2000 box that they had in place.  I'm finding out all kinds of little bits and peices of IMPORTANT information along the way from the client.
You might try one of the MS newsgroups - sometimes a few MS employees are on there.  This is also where some MVPs are.  I think there are a few there that have been hosting for a long time and might remember FPSE2000.
Thanks, will give it a try after this last atempt fails.
I was able to get classic ASP pages working.  Took ALL weekend but it works.  Companyweb and Monitoring is now broke but I will work on that another time..

1.  Opened SharePoint Central Administration.
2.  Configure Virtual Server
3. Selected Companyweb
4. Removed SharePoint services and selected removed data store option
        Careful with this one.  It removes any Intranet information.  Back it up first and restore it when finished
5. Extend companyweb with the Create Data option
7. Exit SharePoint Central Administration.

Seems simple and yet it took me close to 30 hours to figure this out.

I broke the companyweb and monitoring by following a MS article about removing and reinstalling SBS intranet components and server tools along with IIS.  What a pain!

Oh and BTW .NET 1 and 1.1 are still broke.

Cannot install 1.1 because it says that 1.0 doesn't exist and cannot install 1.0 because it says that it is already installed as part of the operating system.  I wish there was a repair for 1.0.  I searched the ENTIRE web for a solution with NO luck.
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